visa to iran

hello to everyone
I look for any information aboit  tourist amd trasit visa to Iran easy safe amd cheap way. thank you for any informatiin I have polsih passport and I will coming from vietnam or malaysia there and my friend will comimg with bike from greece crossing border turkey-iran.

you can have visa on arrival, simply show the confirmed hotel booking when immigration ask...goodluck

thank you ..
i will flight so for me is more easy   I need ask of code before or just make visa on arrive?
but my friend will coming with motobike , we see the cost is little expensive so he will look for trasit visa 7days but I cant found clear information,

no need for code, i think same thing will apply for your friend even if he's on motorbike

you sute  he can got  trasit visa in the land  border ?

Hi am new here
anyone with information about Iran tourist visa
I ve admission offer in a reputable university in Azerbaijan
But Azerbaijan don't ve embassy in Nigeria so I suggest to move to iran and apply for Azerbaijan visa in tehran
Pls anyone with information to get iran visa pls, Short stay

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