Panama Rainforest Investement


I am wondering here is anyone has moved to Panama using the Rainforest Investment option.

I am considering this.


Consider carefully. A check to the gov't. You have no input. It's a free ride to citizenship but deforestation is rampant in areas.

Hi Ben,

Ive been looking into this too.
Check out the discussion thread with the title 'Pensionado or Favored Nations?'
It may help.

I haven't read any postings where someone stated they obtained citizenship, how long it took and how much it ended up costing for everything. So good luck with investing your money and hoping to gain citizenship in 5 to 7 years. The FN and Restoration Visas only give you the right to apply for citizenship.

I looked at all options and decided I would rather save my money rather than risk it in a long-term scheme where nothing was absolutely certain.

I think a residency visa rather than citizenship was the goal, in fact Bob Adams, who does videos on youtube about various aspect of life in Panama, claims he doesn't know of any expats who have become citizens full stop.
I suppose it depends on whether you think you need to become a citizen, or whether being a resident is sufficient.

No it is not worth it anymore. Most of the prices people put on the internet are very old and outdated. You can't find good cheap land like that anymore. If you are considering this for residency in Panama it is better to just buy a home or land.

If you are eligible for the Friendly Nations program this is the way to go. If you are not a Friendly Nations citizen then you need to invest at least $300k USD.

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