Anyone want to start an Oslo book club?

I have noticed that during the dark winter months since I moved to Oslo, I have read quite a few books but haven't ended up meeting that many new people. (go figure...)

After finding this website and noticing that like me a few other people on here like reading I thought I'd suggest starting a little book club here in Oslo.

So, is there anyone out there interested? I am 28 and from New Zealand, and I'd be keen to hear from anyone here in Oslo who can speak english/norwegian and likes to read.

Assuming someone is keen, we could meet up, have a coffee/beer/wine and choose a book to start us off :)

Hi NZTess,

Welcome on the forum! :)

Very good initiative. I hope you get lots of reply very soon. ;)


Welcome on board Nicki ;)

Thanks, Yud :-)


I think a book club sounds like a great idea!
I've been here for almost 2 months, and haven't managed to meet many people yet because sitting in the warmth with a book is a lot more tempting than going outside in the cold!

Cool, I'll get in touch with those who have let me know they are interested. If anyone else sees this the future and is interested just post here or send me a message.

I do feel interest in it, please count me it :)

my name is Kary, I am from Hong Kong, and just moved to Oslo at March. Would like to know some new friends. :)
Hope can be one of your new and good friend :)

I'm interested too :)

Hey 3 of us showed up tonight (22nd March) at 6pm but nobody else showed up!  So my suggestion is for the same time next week if anyone else is up for it. there any book you're reading now? i haven't been in any book club, but i have a lot of experience from school :)))
and i am bored and need human contact :))
(my boyfriend is norwegian and working all the time)

Hello everyone!

My name is Natalina and I have moved to Oslo half a year ago, but officially live here since this month! I haven't had the chance to meet a lot of people at all since I moved here, and ended up reading, or surfing on the internet!

I would definitely love to join this initiative! I have never joined a book club before because I am not a fast reader and that's why I always thought it was a bit intimidating! But it might be a good thing to at least try, and meet new people! :)

After studying 3 years right now I am into reading some easy and entertaining books, like right now I'm reading 'Petite Anglaise' and next on my list is 'Big Girl' from Danielle Steel.

Anyway, I'm talking (writing) way too much!
Just contact me! :D

Hi Natalina :)

Welcome on ;)


I would love to be involved in a book club here! *Bump*

Hi All

I am very interested in joining this book club.
Do you guys know when you are going meet next time.


I just became a member here.  It's a great idea.  I love reading. :)

Since I'm planning on being here in the winter (yikes), I would love to join a bookclub, if anyone is willing to start it. I think it sounds like a lovely way to escape the cold and feel warm around new friends!

Hi Guys,

I'm also keen to be part of the book club. Let me know when and where the next meeting is (oh, and what we're reading!)



Hi! my name is Naeem originally from Iran living in Oslo since 1 year ago. I work as a PhD student in university and I found this idea really interesting! so, count me in!

I'm moving to Oslo in a couple of weeks and I'm also interested in joining this book group. Please pass on the details.


Hi Folks,

New to the forum so first of all hello!

If the book club is still going, I'd love to hear more about it. I am moving to Oslo at the start of September and love reading but would also love to meet new people!

Hope to hear soon! :)

Hello penguino and welcome to!


Hei all, I am new here too. When shall we do it??

Hi there, I love the idea of a book club...reading has taken me through many long dark nights in my time in Norway. Is it still happening and how is it going?

also new to Oslo. From Ireland love reading and thinks this is a great idea especially with winter coming on. any details would be appreciated


I registered on the site after I saw you subject,
I took only two books with me and I'm already scared of the day I will finish them!
My first language is french, but I would like to practice my (poor) english;

I saw that other people seem interested, so to share books, ideas or just to take a drink, I would be glad to meet some people and speak in an easier language that Norwegian, which in only learn since.. today! :)

Good week-end every body!

Count me in! Is this still happening?


Hi Guys,

It seems that we're all very keen for this book club to get up and running, but we need someone to organise it. It appears the person with the original idea isn't using the forum anymore.

Is anyone keen to take up the challenge of organising the club?

I'm currently living in Singapore, but will be back living in Oslo after Christmas and am definitely keen to take part when I'm back.



I would be interested in this too :) Although I just moved to Oslo 1 week ago so I still don't know the place too well (i.e. I wouldn't be able to suggest a place to meet :/ ). I would also be interested if people just fancy a drink :) Klem.


I'm interested too if it goes ahead :-)

I think it's a great idea!  I've been here for a few weeks and been reading a lot so it'd be good to get a chance to meet new people as well.

Let me know when the meetings are when someone takes up the organization bit.  My email is below. 

[email protected]

me too, this sounds like a great project. Pls contact me if this will be something otherwise if there is someone who's looking for a friend to share thoughts about moving to Norway or just hang out contact me! Always nice to meet some new people in same situation =)

well...i can take the responsibility for the organization if you still want. i've been living here for 1,5 years now and i can think about a nice cosy place to meet.(i have to do a little research, but i can manage). and about the book, do you have any preferences?as in read the same book and discuss it, or just discuss our favorite book for the first meeting? i can also make a fb group. it would be easier to keep in touch. :)

ok, i made an open group now :) so please join it and lets start talking abt books and a meeting. the long dark nights are approaching! :)

(i made a page before, but it's more complicated. i will delete it and from now on it's this group) :)

I am not in Norway yet but I must tell you guys, your idea is wonderful and it is very pleasent to see people garhering in such a kind and smart way...
hope to see you soon

kisses for all :)

Hi everyone! I'm sorry, but I won't be able to come on Wednesday- I've been quite busy and not had time to read the book at all :( I hope it goes well and I'll be up for the next one :) I've joined the group on Facebook for it too. See u all soon x

Ok people, it is time to do it!

First meeting today evening at 6:00pm at National Theater ( here is a map ) , then we can jump in to one of the pub. Bring your ideas and we will talk how it should looks like and what we expecting.

Those of you who are interested please send me sms that you are about to come.

paul 96-666-278

hey pawel!
a little too short notice, i guess :)
did they show up? we can do it next week at least i can next week any day. but we announce ppl at least one day before.

Hi everyone,

I joined the facebook group, if everyone who's interested does maybe we could get together!


Hi a very late reply but I was searching for a reading club (english) in oslo and came upon your post. If you are still interested or have already started one, then please can you contact me so that I could also join.




I wonder why you left New Zealand, which is the place I am always dreaming of staying.

Anyway, I am more to sports activities like bowling, golf and swimming. But I already gave up golf here in Norway because of the weather ;D. Actually, books are my fashion during my school years, but now a days only technical books (manuals)are the one I read.

I know a place that could be a best place I can recommend, it is both cozy and friendly. We donated some old books to that place during the kick-off days and before their opening. Most of the people prefers to speak english (customers and workers). It is a bit of a bus ride from city center, or 20 minutes walk from the parliament, but I am sure that you will enjoy the atmosphere.

Here is the Facebook link to that place (if you still never heard about it):

Welcome to Oslo and I hope that you will also enjoy it here.

Brgds. - Joey

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