Looking for a secure (full-time) career and a soccer team in Saigon.

Hello friends,

My name is Khang Nguyen (Mixie). I originally born and grown up in Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam. I am working for Chase Bank. I am interested in looking for a soccer (outdoor and futsal) team in Vietnam. Specially, it would be a best deal if I can get a job in Vietnam as well. I have been thinking to get back to Vietnam, live and play soccer there (bong da phui - phong trao). I would love to use my knowledge gaining from abroad educator. skills and experience to serve a company and get a better Vietnam.

Thank you,


There are many sites you can look for jobs. Banks are hiring people now. Try international banks. Economic in Vietnam is potentially having problems soon due to political's effect, so Vietnamese banks won't have good salary or stable.

There are soccer teams in Saigon where you can join. If you'd prefer team for expats or English speaking people, I believe there is one in D2 and one in d7.

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