Attest degree from Malaysia to work in Saudi Arabia


I am currently living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
I have done my undergraduate from the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.
Is there any way to get my degree attested from Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission and Saudi Embassy without having to travel myself. E.g. through an agent?
Is there a possibility of getting my degree attested from UK instead, as my university is a British institution and my degree does not mention anything related to Malaysia. My degree came from the UK campus.



In Malaysia, a cliche attestation process may required you to obtained it from a group grade of profession/position/ gazette officer or as simple from attorney attestation office with decent fees.

Perhaps you shall asked the requirements the cert to be attested?
You shall also be able to contact your university and talk to student international division to inquiry the matter.

Hello ss2h,

Can you please advise if you know a certified office in order to attest my degrees in malaysia from the Saudi embassy? Thank you

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