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Im living in malaysia almost 1.6 year still looking for a job opportunity, im married to malaysian citizen and currently living in sentul, kuala lumpur. Kindly suggest me recruiters who hire expats whom holding spouse visa.

Thank you!


The fact that you are married to a Malaysian national is going to have very little influence with an employer here.

Regardless of employment, you are still going to be treated like a citizen of your home country and deal with all the rules and regulations that entails.

Hit all the job sites and look for positions you are qualified for and keep applying, applying, applying.

As to recruiters, since you are going to be considered an overseas hire, even though you are here, overseas recruiters from your home country might be your best answer.

Hi Misterstrech..... 100% well said. Im keep trying and trying but certain time i get demotivated due to recruiter or employers silly reasons which make me to give up on searching job. They will invite me for interview session...once in interview they will come out with the statement ...inspite of your qualification and experience is very impressive.... but you are foreigner and we cant hire you! Even after interview session they will call me and say you are selected..after few day whn offer letter to be issue they would disappear. Actual thing is most of the employer does not aware of hiring foreign spouse. They still in dilemma hiting foreign spouse is equal to foreign labour or profeesional which they think thank need to issue work permit and has to face too many hassle. I had another bad experience is hired by scam company with high post and salary...thankfully i managed to identify it in 10 days by working with that company. Too many bitter experience i faced during this 1.6 years in malaysia :sosad:


What line of work do you do?

The company i work for is searching for programmers.

Hi ....thanks for your reply. Actually im more into business administration, recruitment, business development, customer relationship and service. My bad...Im not into programm.... :sosad:

If you have experience in recruitment, try sending your resume to the my company anyway. :)

We have a fairly big team already and we are expanding all over the world.

You should write to Sharanjit Kaur, you can find her on the website.
You are welcome to refer to me.

Best of luck

Thanks much for your info. Will send my resume and details.  :thanks:

I  have send my resume to concern department and person in charge. Hope for the best.


Am looking for the job as an Operations Manager with overall 10 years of work experience which includes 7 years of exp as Operations Manager.

Do u have any openings ?.

Ho.. is the job still available? May I know the email address which I have to send my resume please?

Hi,u can apply in food panda guve me your email address and i forward to you their email to me.atleast degree holder or diploma..

Hi Beemarlene,

Good day to you!

Thanks for the suggestion. Kindly send to ***


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