Airlines for pets

Hello everyone.

1) Has anybody used Turkish Airlines to bring pet to Mauritius?

2) Or you could advise me a best way to bring a dog from Russia?

Thanks in advance

Hello there, I wanted to ask you if you did end up flying with Turkish Airlines to Mauritius ? :)
Thank you

Please remember animals are only allowed to fly into Mauritius on direct flights no transit stops

Our dog had 21 hours transit in Dubai....transit stops are allowed at the moment.
We booked Emirates.

There is no direct flight from California to MAU, how can I get my pets there?

I moved from California to Mauritius too.
Emirates only allows pets as cargo for those flights and certain dogs are prohibited including chihuahuas :( . Luckily my mother in law kept mine.
You can look in their web page
There are a lot of requirements also to enter the Island...

Thank you for the info, where were you from in Cali? We live in Anaheim, my husband is Mauritian.

In San Diego, but I lived in rancho Santa margarita 20 years ago...
I live in Tamarind, the island is beautiful :)

That’s my favorite area from the videos. Cool, so there is life after California? We will be visiting for about 6 weeks in March 2021 to decide if we want to retire there. I’m pretty tired of So Cal, have lived here most of my life.

What did you do with your mail when you left the US? Did you refer it to a forwarder?

I hope I’m not bugging you, but you are the first American/Californian I’ve made contact with there.
Are the groceries available there to make Mexican food? That’s something I will really miss. Do you have good health insurance there? Can you recommend a company, Cigna is the only one we have looked into. Are you happy with your life there? We will visit for 6 weeks before we decide for sure. Thank you for any info you can give me.  Jeani Le Breton

I sent you my phone and what's app in a private message.
You can call me and I can help you with some answers :)

Thank you, I will try to call you at a good time there. It’s almost 9 pm here and at my daughter’s house in Long Beach, should head home. I really appreciate your willingness to answer some questions.


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