I'm Rahul. I have a Final Interview with a Belgium employer. I have been asked by the employer to find some information on the Visa formalities that could be discussed during the interview.

My question is: I'm an Indian citizen, living in France from past 2 years and have finished my Masters from France. If I get through my final Interview (which I really hope, Fingers crossed), I want to know how do I apply for Belgian Visa type D assuming I have work permit type B from my employer. Do I have to apply from India because my visa in France is a Yearly temporary residence permit or I can apply from France Irrespective of my visa status or Can I simply apply from India irrespective of any visa I have in France?

Looking forward to hearing from you.  Your Input will valuable

Rahul Rathod

i have submitted tourist visa application for Belgium from Malaysia, but it took 50 days still no reply. what can be my expectation? visa will be approved whether no .....

No one except your local consulate can answer that question :(

Usually for tourist visa the decision is taken within 15 days. You can try contacting the consulate for the status of your application. There are exceptional cases when the time maybe extended to maximum 60 days.

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