how will my visitor visa will get converted to residency permit ?

My husband is coming to bahrain on work visa..i am accompanying him on a visitors visa now..can someone plz tell me how will my visitor visa will get converted to residency permit..i mean what is the procedure to get depwndent visa...i am a will i have to go medical also here in bahrain...thanks.


Your husbands company should be doing it and you dont need medical for a dependent visa


Can you plz tell me if i am coming on dependent visa....will lmra ask me to go fr medical in bahrain before getting cpr card...or medical is not required at all for wife coming on dependent visa. Thanks

As i mentioned above, there is no medical needed for dependent visa (wife / children)


Thanks a lot.

Just one last question...some of the people say that they had to undergo medical also before getting CPR card in was just wondering whether it is mandatory for wife to undergo such medical before getting CPR ....or no need at all for wife and children....
Company hr says its not required at all for wife to do medical...but still thought i should check it..
Sorry to bother.

Read all the points in the below mentioned link … aminations


Can u plz tell me..
How much time it takes for a visit visa to get converted into a dependent visa for wife and child...i came on a visit visa with my what us the procedure for getting a dependent visa here..

We have seen it take about 21-45days approximate (various reasons could delay it as well), usually your husbands employer will be responsible for it.


Hi thanks ..
Yeah conpany employrr will do it they say..but can my daughter get admission on that basis 8f depebdent visa is still under process....and normally is there any problem in gettibg dependent visa...i see its a normal practise here wife comes on visit visa and then it  gets converted to it pretty normal here ??

It depends on the employer, many apply directly for dependent visa.

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