Cheap but decent accomodation in Bangkok

Hi Guys,

I'm travelling to Thailand in September. I plan on staying 2 months and hopefully find what I'm looking for as I would really love to stay there. So, the plan is to come there and after 2 months resolve the Visa thing and come back as I'd really like to settle down there. I have planned this for quite a while and also checked some appartments. Anybody here want a roomate or share a place maybe? Well if yes or if you could help me find the right place, neighborhood.....etc.......lemme know either here or pm. Thanks in advance, This forum rocks, love it. It's a huge helping hand and also quite a few cool and interesting people on here to!

I suggest you first work out where you want to stay and then use good ole Google.

A guesthouse would be best for you as you can negotiate for long term stay. Most have great WiFi and you can eat out cheaply. Most will do laundry at an additional cost.

No worries with bonds, etc if looking for a room in a house or apartment.

For an idea of costs check out the accommodation offers in the housing section at the top of this page.

For living costs try

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