looking for safe building in gent

hello all
I'm looking for apartment of 3 rooms near international school of gent.
also i'd like to know the most safest place to live in gent 9000 with a security system.

please help me with that.

thank you


If you think that Belgium is a dangerous country, why come?

i choose belgium because i know its one of the most safest country in europe .. when i said safe .. i ment safe building to live for the kids.. if you dont have suitable answer  and you dont know other people situation. please dont reply to my qeustion ..


Now, your question is clearer and less condescending. The housing style you looking for is what we call condominium. And there is hardly any in Belgium. So the best for you is to contact the local real estate agencies. You can find them on the following websites
http://www.logic-immo.be/en/rent/houses … lgium.html

thanks  a lot

sorry for disturb ,

Real estate agencies do not normally indicate whether there are safety measures installed in the apartments. The best you could do is find one that is newly built. There are, however not many you can find that are close to the International school.

Here are some that are bicycle distance.

If the links aren't visible, just search in immoweb.be and fill in your specifications.

http://www.immoweb.be/en/Rent.Estate.cf … mp;xpage=1

http://www.immoweb.be/en/Rent.Estate.cf … mp;xpage=1

http://www.immoweb.be/en/Rent.estate.cf … g=N#onglet

http://www.immoweb.be/en/Rent.Estate.cf … mp;xpage=1

thank you so much dear..

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