Do I need NOC if I am on 4 month work visa in Oman?

I don't know how soon I will get the usefull answer about my query but please share your experience soon if you have.
I am working on short work visa (4 month) and now I have job offer within oman and want to know if I will be reuired NOC or not.

Hey, am similar on a 9 month work visa. did you got any idea of NOC required or not, for working with a different company?

To clarify, according to the Omani Labour Laws, there is only one type of employment visa. And it is valid for 2-years.

Expatriate employees holding gainful employment on any visa other than an employment visa is an illegal activity as per the laws of the land.

There is no such thing called as a 'short-term' work visa. Such visas are the creation of employers who hire ill-informed expatriates on a short-term basis (which is in again an illegal activity).

Usually, employers get such candidates over on what is known as the 'Business Visa' or sometimes, even on 'Visit Visa'.

Hi, thanks for the reply.. Still on this same 9 month visa, we got Pathaka"(Labor ID Card) that is valid for exactly 9 months from our date of entry. So is there any NOC required after completion of 9 months?

Hi rcheriyan,

The Ministry of Manpower rule states that if any employed expatriate were to cancel / not renew the employment visa and leaves Oman, then a NOC is mandatory. If the person wishes to return before the completion of 2-years from the date of the departure that is.

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