I am just wondering ... If I Long let / Rent an appartment though a Real Estate Agent, does that safeguards me and protects me from potential "scam", "con" and such, as in raising prices seasonal, without my knowledge or consent, bills overpaying as in residental tariffs and so on, trying to extort money for some quasi cleaning services and repairs of their broken equipements, insects desinfection proffesional services, etc etc, or does all that and more, is not even listed in a Typical Standard Rental Agreement in Malta ?
If not, what shall I pay attention to,
and what is than, the most efficiant and effective way to Rent a clean, proper, working and maintained apartment in Malta/ Long Let ?
Any good/proper Real Estate Agent/Agency recomendation, is appreciated.
Thank you all in advance

Letting agents here have no involvement other than finding tenants. Your agreement / contract is with the Landlord and the agents will not get involved, other than perhaps drawing up the original contract.


Our contract was drawn up by the agent we  used to find our apartment.
And after reading it carefully I discovered we actually own the property and are renting it to our landlord due to incorrect use of lessor and lessee.   

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