Price of Impant tooth in Shenzhen

Is there anyone know what's the price to implant a tooth in shenzhen hospital?  i am hesitating to do a dental denture or implant  a tooth?  Any good suggested hospital or dentist?

you will be recommeded to implant a tooth if your missing tooth is the back tooth because back tooth is more important to chew and implant tooth will be more durable and nearly the same with the original tooth. But denture will be cheaper than implant tooth. so which one you would like to choose denpends on your tooth condition and economic situation. Recommed you a dental hospital in Shenzhen: Shenzhen A.K.J Stomatological Hospital, there are clinics in Nanshan, luohu, Futian, Baoan and Guangzhou, English-speaking dentists are availavle there. Contacts:; dental consultant wechat no.: aiyuan325180; email: shirley[at]

Yes exactly, the tooth is in the back. Thanks for your information.

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There are some excellent dentists in China.  I have had dental work in Shenzhen, Danguang, and Zhuhai. Depending on the work required, you should expect around 2000 RMB for a tooth.  I once got a quote for  pulling out three teeth, and a replacement bridge in SZ.  The quote was for 30,000 RMB. 

I instead got three bridges, and three crowns, and two root canals, as well as all my other remaining teeth fixed and repaired.  Total cost was 25,000 RMB in Zhuhai. My teeth are now perfect.

The price of a dental implant is about 7000 to 20T, depends on the brand and the clinic

Do you have name and contact nr for this dentist regards Dave

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