Living in the Massachussets

You are an expatriate living in the Massachussets, or you used to  work and live in the Massachussets.

Share your expat experience!

How would you describe life in the Massachussets?

Has it been complicated to settle down, to find a job, and an accomodation? 

Is it complicated to make friends in the Massachussets?

What would you recommend to people who would like to live in the Massachussets?

Thanks in advance for your participation

It is challenging to make friends in this city, for sure. Hopefully you have good people at work/school for social interaction because this is definitely an area of Massachusetts where people stick to themselves and their cliques. Bostonites have fairly tough, cold personalities, but once you get past that and realize it's just the way they come across, you can find great people. It has taken me a few months to realize that. I lived in Oklahoma for 5 years where people are wonderfully warm and friendly - the people up here are completely different.

Finding a job was an extended, painful experience - but that might not be typical. Finding a place to live was fine, but we ended up spending more than we can afford on rent just to live in a neighborhood we knew was safe. Now we're here, we know which areas are safe and where we can move when the lease is up.