Looking for Halal Meat Shop/ Butcher in Yangon

Hi, I just came to live in Yangon from Indonesia a while ago.
Does anyone know where to find halal meat in Yangon?  I mean fresh / frozen raw meat for daily home cooking (raw beef / chicken / poultry, etc).
Any response is much appriciated.


Still u need a response?

Yes, please.
I manage to found some frozen chicken on Citymart, but that's it. Haven't found other alternatives yet.

Can you please tell me a detail about where do u live so I can point you to the nearest one.

I live in Bahan, near Yankin Center

Sorry for late Reply..

I replied and my post was deleted.

I'm not familiar with Bahan. So, I asked my friends and none of them know Halal meat shop near Bahan.

Nearest one I can point you is "Tarmwe Zayy (Tarmwe Market)" in Tarmwe Township.
There's a bus stop named "Tarmwe Zayy Bus Stop"( Google map can point to that bus stop) . So, it won't take too hard to find.

Sorry for late reply, just got back from home country.
Thank you for the info, I will check it out :)

Hope this little info will help you if you return.

Hi! Finally, I visited Tarmwe Zayy.
Really happy to find halal poultry and meat at a reasonable price. Saw several chickens being slaughtered on the next table as I choose some that already been cleaned up, so I assume it's really fresh.

Your info is really helpful. Jazakallah khairan. :)

Also, just want to share in case there's someone out there looking for further info.
I visited the market in the morning, around 8-9 a.m. There's much to choose; all kinds of meat, seafood, fruits & vegetables, flowers, spices, plastic boxes, several kitchen appliances, and textiles. I even found a lady boiling jengkol (I don't know what it's called here, but those unique pungent nuts that will make saliva and urine really smells). Some of the sellers can speak a little English, and sometimes the local customers will even kindly help you communicate to those who don't.
Overall, a bit similar to traditional market in Jakarta. Lively, all-round traditional market.

You are very welcomed for any other informations.

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