Is PP a good place to find a job as a php web developer?

Hi, just call me Vee. I'm a Filipino freelance web developer who is currently working on multiple applications for a local multi-purpose cooperative. I am planning to go to PP next year to look for a job with the following qualifications:

Languages : PHP 5.6, MySQL 5.7, jQuery/Ajax
Frameworks : Kohana v3.3.6, Bootstrap v3.3.7
Tools : Git, PHPStorm, HeidiSQL, WAMP
Programming Experience : 1+ Year
Other Skills : Computer Hardware Maintenance (Assembly, Troubleshooting), Basic Networking, Android Device Troubleshooting (Flashing Custom/Stock ROMS, Rooting), Will be learning about NAS soon.

I was wondering if there are opportunities for the likes of us and how much would the salary be as some employers would require us to indicated our expected salary and I have no idea what to write.

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