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kolamide :

I have being in malaysia since 2013 did my masters degree in software engineering and worked for 2 malaysian companies from 2015 till date as a software engineer and my employment pass is a category 1 EP visa.
- how am i eligible for a PR
- how and where can I apply for a PR or start the process for my PR application?
- how long does it take?

From previous postings in this discussion:
- you are eligible
- you apply to State immigration
- several years and no guarantee of success

The point that was made is getting the industry recommendation letter is difficult because apparently the IT sector has been overstretched with applications.

You still have the Talentcorp Resident Pass to consider. Minimum salary RM 15k per month (which probably puts PR requirements into perspective). The RPT visa is good for working spouses.

Do Sarawak MyPR holders the same as Sarawak MyKad holders who are allowed to stay in west Malaysia for 90 days after entering?

After fulfilling all the criteria's for RP-T(10 yrs Visa),
I applied for RP-T via their online website
After 1 months, I saw the final status as "UNSUCCESSFUL" due to the following reasons":

1. Your basic salary is still at the minimum range even you met the minimum requirement which RM 15,000. (Even-though my basic salary is 17,xxx.xx)
2.Your current stay in Malaysia is 3 years and panel still consider as the minimum range of years(I am staying since 3.4+ yrs)
Your application may not be suitable to fall under RP-T currently. The respective team has advised you to stay under Employment Pass first.

I tried to call them but they are not giving proper reasons. Also they never reply to email as well.

Not sure when can i apply again. Let me know if anyone knows what to do next, would be appreciated.

The RPT is dying the same slow death as the Employment Pass for foreigners. To reduce foreign labour it will mean very selective approvals of RPTs and EPs.

Don't see an immediate future for successful RPTs and there has been reports on this forum that InfoTech related RTP applications have reached saturation point

Apparently the Tech Entrepreneur Visa  is also difficult to obtain now

Starting a Labuan offshore company requires rm 250 000 paid up capital for an EP plus overheads just skyrocketed with requirement to hire at least two staff based in Labuan.

Only let up is the mm2h visa, which now allows a 70%/30% combination of Spouses earnings. But of course cannot work or be employed on that visa although can be investor in a business taking profits not salary.

All in all a difficult time for foreign employees who wanted to stay long term in Malaysia. Even EP renewals are getting "Final" stamped on them meaning no further extensions.

I guess SG will start to fill up with the Malaysian leavers over flowing into that job market. Might be time to "jump before" pushed"

PS It seems some sectors already on RPT are finding it hard to find work now because the general sentiment towards foreign labour has changed

I am a foreigner married to Malaysian Citizen, I have been married for 7 years, I am applying for PR, and the Immigration department have given me a Interview date in the month of September 2019, so what is the procedure and later upon. How long will it take to process the PR, and how will the interview stages be like. Kindly help. Thank you.

my salary is 11k rm. can i apply RP-T? thanks.


Urgently need your help.

I've worked in Malaysia for 11 years as expatriate. The last 5 years EP visa under MIDA expired on 20 May, and my company informed me it's rejected without any reason and no further appeal.

Appreciate you share info  here about the official check list & procedure of EP extension by MIDA.



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