Hiring a translator in vientiane

Hey guys, I'm interested in hiring a translator in vientiane for my clinic.
Has anyone here hired a translator/assistant before?
What are the average wage i should be expecting to pay?
Any comments would really help


Hi Lao Language,

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Note that this post is from July last year. I guest that EddyMalaysia has already hired someone since and you kind of missing the point here, he was more interested in learning about the process of recruiting a translator rather than looking to hire someone by posting this topic.

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hi.. are you looking for a translator for your clinic still..?

Hi Sengdeuan and welcome to the forum.

This is an old post and I would suggest that the OP has found a translator.
I suggest you click on the jobs section at the top of this page and check the advertised positions there.
You can also place an advertisement there too. This is a free service for members.

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