A New Life in Kigali

I will be taking a early retirement in October and visiting some friends in Kigali. I have spent my career serving others as a Forensic Investigator and then Manager the Department of Children and Family Services,  supervising a team of Child Abuse Forensic Investigators for the Government in the USA. I have also worked as a program manager and college instructor. I have done everything from teaching, working with abused children, battered women, homeless, counseling, court officer, expert court witness, drug and alcohol specialist, etc.

I am strong believer in adding value to my host community and besides getting much needed rest, I would like to find more information about Education and Human Service opportunities as well as real estate and business investments. In the meantime, I look forward to meeting some good people, learn about and enjoy the culture.  Any advice would be appreciated.
Blessings and Respect,
Michael Christopher Gutierrez, MSW

Hello Christopher,welcome to Kigali and for any help and advice you can contact me.***

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