accomodation le morne

Hi ..i am looking for a room in Le Morne...any body know a budget place?...thanks


If you do an Airbnb Le Morne search, you are sure to find what you are looking for.


Hi! I need a room also. But i didn`t find any place for montly rent in la gallete by airbnb.. Anyone know any contacts of locals who have a room for rent? I`m arriving 9th of October

hi..u can contact roshaan 550 euro for a month for a room in le morne village...BUT..u need a car here or motobike...u cant kite right outside the place..u need to drive 3 0r 4 km to is expensive..not nice food like in indonesia.u look on google map u will see Brabant kite house

Thanx a lot) Do you know how to find apartmet? Just come and see or can book before? I`m thinking about motorbike, because i fell sick in cars) But i didn`t see in internet any motorbikes for rent in Mauritius. How to rent? P.S.: Indonesian food isn`t good, it`s made with palm oil and too spicy) I prefer cooking at home.

Yes..i know of place to rent apartment in le morne village...and he also rent me his motorbike...the motorbike is good price coz i see other places much u have wots app ?then i give u his and motorbike 1 place and he pick u up from i also get sick in car

How long do u want room?the beach is 20 metrrs away

I want to rent a room for 1-2 month first and then i`ll see, because it will be my first time in Mauritius, depends on how i feel on the island how i like it) yes, i have whats us

Hi ok..his name is Roshaan...tell him Guido gave u his is..***...the bike is fine and apartment has tv..washing wi fi...if u have problem to contact him ..write me

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Thanx a lot) Do you know the price of motorbike? Is it scooter or manual? I prefer manual, but if no reason, even scooter is ok))))

Scooter..i think he charged me 5000 mauritian ruppee for 21 days....other places wanted 500 per day...wot u think of that price?

I don`t know yet the rate of Ruppee, but i`ll check in Internet. Thanx a lot)))

Where do u want to stay? gullette or le morne village?.....u know le morne and le morne village are not same place?

I think le morne better for kitesurf, but i`ve heard there`s no houses, hotels only.. And usually kiters stay in la gaulette. I`ve red it`s near, so doesn`t matter) I`d like to check everything and then decide, of course if in La Gaulette cheapper better there)

Yes le morne is hotels...BUT Le morne village is got cheap gullette is a liitle further ..than le morne village .......if u look on google maps u will see Brabant kite&surf house...


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