Moving to madinaty

Hello everyone.

I've been moving around countries whole my age. And i will finally settle in madinaty in new cairo as i got a job in Heliopolis.
I was wondering if there is anyone i can get to know and explore the city. To share a walk, get a cup of coffee, play tennis, or share any activity.

I will be in B11 starting from august

I live in Madinaty, and I am sure you gonna enjoy the place!

Yes, i enjoyed the place, but since that i almost do nothing at all after work day or in weekends, it's a little boring here.

i'm working in madinaty as swimming instructor for kids
so if you wanna to hangout for tea just send to me message
beside i'm looking to be a roommate

This is a very late reply.. Thanks for the invitation and if you still work here, yes of course i would like to grab a cup of coffee from time to time

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