Help please British Expats!:)

Any British expats who relocated with their children out there?
We're a family of 5, (3 young children). My husband is American and works for an American company. We're considering moving to Arizona.
I was just wondering about any of you who have made the move to the US with children in tow and how you find it there? I'm wondering such things as...

- health care a pain?
- is gun crime (or your children going to friend's houses where guns may be) a worry to you?
- do your children go to public or private school and how well did they settle in?
- what do you miss/don't miss about home?
- Is the whole North Korea thing a worry out there? (That might seem a random one I know!)

Many thanks and I hope to hear from you all!:)

Make sure all your documents are in order, its a nightmare now. even though your husband is American.  this president has not made it any easier.  I miss England, just sold my house in Norfolk, the children will prosper and change and acclimatize here , as they always do world wide... but make double sure with your Embassy all papers  r correct. what does your husband do???? the kid will miss their friends, but can always return for a holiday, so tough being an immigrant, if you can get here, give all your family extra hugs before leaving, never know what happens when you are far away, although cell phones videos help.  sorry being emotional.

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