Any British expats in Arizona who can help please?

We're considering a move to Arizona. My husband is American, I'm English, his family are from Texas and they've also lived in New Mexico, (they're originally from Boston though). I've been to Arizona, Texas and New Mexico, (among other states), so I'm familiar with the general area but not too much so with Arizona. We have three children.

That's the background!

I'm struggling with getting my head around the idea of relocating. It looks beautiful and while half of me loves the thought of living life, grabbing life by the horns and having a great adventure, the other half of me says, "woa, woa, woa, you have three little ones and life in England is pretty darn good. Why change it?"

What does anyone else think who's made the move? Anyone do it with children? We're looking at Sedona which looks beautiful. I'm in my comfort zone here in the UK and it makes me nervous breaking out of it - but i don't want to miss out on life!

How did you find the move? Especially if you have children? Were you worried about safety, not having as much close by like in the UK (like everything you could need close to you), worried about fitting in? The children being accepted at school by other children?

Any help would be great! Would love to hear your stories in lots of detail!:)

Many thanks!

Arizona is fr tourists, along the route 10 freeway, Phoenix over crowded, and very very hot. all homes you buy in tracts want H.M.O.s that's fifty plus dollars a month, to pay management to fine you if you do some thing wrong with your property.  Arizona though is so hot,  I think they have the best roads in U.S.  Further north ? again tourist country, beautiful places to see,  Grand Canyon etc,  If I had children I would not recommend it, Flagstaff,  and other tourist places are good escapes from the heat as it is Higher elevation, but night mare traffic in summer.  thats my thoughts.

To continue,   Sedona, been there a few times, more crowded each time, and very very expensive housing ,, good to visit though.  I am from England traveled lived all over America,  if you have it made in England I would say be cautious,  been here since 1970, great times jobs, NOW? for the young leaving College high school I don't see any future unless they study for some thing scientific, for get the arts and English and languages for majors, thats just romance, what hurts here is the health system, I live in Texas, Temple now, great place 80 miles from Austin and 40 miles from Waco, houses? not bad prices. $150.00 will get you a large 3 bedroom home.   there are teaching hospitals for drs nurses, large academies. your  husband being from Texas he understands me I am sure... best school system is Belton across the freeway, an old town but less students in each class , We have the Academy school , it's not a large town but who needs traffic, I am retired I just take things as they come. Austin airport has daily flights to London.  if your husband has a job with health coverage for all great..  I am from the 1950' war era so never had much chance in London, I came here in the 1970's  Massachusetts. and saw how great it was for kids, music, arts, everything for them , sports as well. Texans are great courteous people , I would not live in any  State but here,  I lived in Pennsylvania,  California, many other states for my job,  Massachusetts and California, is out of this world for housing,  I really do not see much future for most young men nowadays, Latino's hire latino's  Indians stay with their own race, so your children if coming here need to keep their heads down in study to keep ahead. yes Temple to me is the best... you can always rent a  home on wheels and travel later.  best of luck. understand that Texas is huge,  you have the large cities. then the rest of Texas is made up of small towns, many old and fading, people moving out to bigger cities for work.  lots of land and cattle.

Fred Wright.

Thank you! If it's Arizona it would be the Phoenix area now  (although I prefer the idea of Flagstaff).

My husband's family are all based in Texas though so this is now a high contender!

Hello Fred,

Funny you should mention Texas as my husband’s family live there (just outside Fort Worth) ad so as of late it’s been a consideration.

What are your feelings on Texas for raising children? I have to say guns and tornadoes are a bit of a concern! Schools seem better there than Arizona and of course we’d have his family close to us which would be great. The humidity will be tough but I’m sure we can get over that. We were hoping, if we move, to get a few acres so the children could run free and have a few animals.

Thank you very much for your help so far. Any info on Texas would be great. You were really helpful with Arizona - thank you!:)


Can you please tell me if you ever made the move to either Arizona or Texas?  We are currently living in the UK and are considering moving to Arizona.  We would love to hear about your experiences if you would care to share them.  Thanks!

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