Real Estate Investors Club of Mauritius

Citizens of the World, welcome!

Real Estate Investors Club of Mauritius forum is intented to expat, foreigners and Mauritians who are willing and are seriously considering the possibility of a Real Estate Development Project in Mauritius.

Ideas, finance, expertise, ventures, partnership, assets are all welcome.

Ladies and Gentleman, let get to some serious talks.

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Hello Julien,

Thank you for your welcoming.

Real Estate Development is now a pillar in Mauritius. Though the Real Estate Scheme and the Integrated Resorts Scheme, the Government of Mauritius opened the doors to foreign acquisition of immovable properties in Mauritius.

My aim through this forum is to create a network among people of various origins who have either already invested into a Real Estate Project, buy a residence under RES/IRS or are now seriously thniking about investing into a Real Estate Development.

I have a Gated Community Development Project under planning and I deeply believe in its success for it will be a mixture of Sustainability (Green Development) and Luxury Living.

I believe the best way to move forward is through networking and expat-blog is a good starting block.

Interested to hear more because I’m into green and sustainability


This post is old(2011) and inactive so do not expect a reply.
The OP has only posted twice since joining in 2011.

Lol! Thanks Stumpy, I didn’t notice the date! Just joined recently and am reading as much as I can. Will try and pay attention to the dates so I can take that into account in my research on this lovely looking island! Definitely planning a holiday if nothing else to see it firsthand!

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