Retiring in Dominican Republic

I currently do accounting for American companies remotely. I have a VPN service that says i'm in California. I have my mail forwarded to Miami where I fly to once or twice a month to retrieve. I chose Santo Domingo to live because I enjoy the vibrancy of the city. I may move to Sosua or Costambar Beach area once I'm officially retired. I'm here because I'm Dominican American, but never knew my culture. I was born and raised in the United States. I like how welcoming the people are, even in a big city like Sto. Dom. The woman I'm dating treats my children like she gave birth to them. The police here actually speak to you, and smile. I have no need for a car. The food is relatively inexpensive, as is housing costs. Also my 10 year old son wants to play professional baseball, and his baseball skills have improved exponentially during the time we've been here. He went from being a soft pampered kid who  wanted to play video games every day, to running outside barefoot with his friends. But I can say the main reason I like it here is my physical and emotional health have both improved considerably. I'm healthier with little stress now.

Julian, it sounds like you are living your dream!
Tom, living mine in Cabrera.

Hi, bud... I am a retired State cop from Texas. I went on a trip with tickets non cancelable to Santiago de los Caballeros, DR; Bogota n Cali, Columbia, bus to the Pacific coast of Ecuador  n return to Bogota by bus from Ecuador to take a return flight to Miami. I fell in love with Santiago, n have enjoyed my my stay so much, I canceled my flights n bought new tickets STIMIA. I have been so busy since I got here in October that I haven't even been to the beach yet!

I had planned to visit Jarabacoa with an eye toward building a retreat or buy a property with a home in the mountains. On my first visit I found a great hotel US$20/night for 2 persons, free coffee, internet, cable n water. Why build? At those prices, I can stay 10 nights a month for US200 n stay in comfortable convenient Santiago where I have my permanent home, etc.

Where else can I live in the cool of the mountains 1.5 hours from the beach... for less than the cost of a Miami condo? Heaven on earth to me.

My youngest of my 5 kids is 21 years old, but I understand how the impact of the sports centric family n informal life make a biiig impact on a young family. My hat is off to you in seeking a more relaxed n healthy family life. Good luck on all your endeavors.

Thanks for sharing. Suerte- Rick

ps. I never looked back after canceling those flights... GRIN!

Instead of a hotel try AirBnb. My first trip I rented an entire apartment for 650 for the month.  It had a daily rate of 30 dollars a night,  but a huge discount for taking the entire month.  Fully furnished with every amenity,  near a grocery store and the beach.

OH Jeez, you guys are looking through Rose Colored Glasses!  OH,NO that's right !  I'm not the colonel! I'm the Tinker, the Tuba, the Gypsy401  Who proclaims to the heavens that you guys have it Right, completely correct. Life can be a grand experience, some bumps to be sure. You are on the right bus for life's ride. If others don't like it, kick their ass of the bus!.  Yes Planner, back to the topic. Choosing to retire to an unknown country places a grave responsibility upon you. Not always easy or comfortable to adhere to different laws, mores & the concept of manana.  The upside so far crushes the bad, that only the weak turn tail & run.  Welcome to the island & rejoice in the sun.  It gives me pleasure to read of folks like you. Thank you.  PM me if you wish, I may reply.

My glasses are not rose colored. I see the same poverty here that is present in the United States. I see the mistreatment of Haitians in this country. But here i know my neighbors,  because we all speak to each other. Here I'm judged by my character and not my color. My son was called the N word at his elementary school in the United States. A word that was never personally directed at me until I was in high school in Alabama. In Santo Domingo my children look like all of the other kids. The smiles on my son and daughter's face every day is why I'm here. My only regret is not coming sooner with all of my children.

You have not seen earlier posts about the rose colored glasses or you would have recognized my sarcasm directed at someone else. I apologize for not taking into consieration those who may have been in the dark. There is a huge Haitian problem, it has been caused by the Haitian government over decades. However, it is now a problem for the Dominicans who are paying the price for another countries sins. It is incumbent for Haiti to resolve their problems not the Dominican Republic's. It is not a racial problem but an economical problem. You have every right to live & be proud of your family. It isn't you who are de-nuding the forests or taking more tha 30% of the medical services from the local citizens. I do not know or profess to know the answer. When jobs, food, medicine are taken away by illegal people you can not expect to be received with open arms. This is really not a subject that can rationally discussed if we do not have the power to solve it. Welcome to the island & am pleased your family is well.  I look forward to more of you posts telling us of your experiences.

I'm an accountant and engineer.  My mother always said I sadly don't understand sarcasm.  My flaw,  so no need to be concerned.  The Haitian problem that I have seen is outright hatred by Dominicans.  I gave a Haitian woman money for a bag of rice.  They wouldn't allow her into the store to purchase the rice.  In every country the majority vilifies the minority. But in my living and retiring here i choose to accept the good with the bad.

Sadly, sometimes a single person can represent a multiple of fears, palpable threats to ones familys well being, crimes, personal losses of different kinds etc. I do not condone such hatred but understand the causes.   I can take no side as I have lived on both sides.  The pain has no sides.

Now Now Tinker, don't go stirring the pot I have a sense humor amigo, but realize I do not make comments without giving them some thought. :cool: When I said Rose Colored glasses In that specific post I meant that many come to D.R. and are not always aware of some of the issues they could run into simply because they are new fishes in the pond, does that make it a bad place? Absolutely not! but regardless of where you are on the planet, you must be aware of the good and bad. The evening news reports on the good and bad, so why run a blog where stories must always fit a specific narrative :/ When I tune into the news and if it is too much to bear, I simply change the channel or turn off the TV, does that mean others are doing the same as me? Different strokes for different folks.

        My background was in pvt security, so therefore I will most likely look at things through a different set of lenses.  When awareness or lack thereof decides if you make it home that evening, you will simply view things differently.  I enjoy D.R. just as much as everyone else, so for those who might think I have some sort of nefarious agenda; too many spy movies will do that to the imagination :D I simply believe that if someone wants to post something which might be helpfull in creating awareness and keeping those who might simply not be aware safe, then why get your underwear in a bunch? Folks will decide if D.R. works for them or not, a post on awareness is not going to discourage anyone from visiting or living here if they  wish to do so. If they happen to have a negative experience, they should feel just as comfortable sharing that experience as well as the positive one. That is why I made that comment. Let folks post what they wish to post, no judgements.

       My suggestion is to let everyone post freely as their wish, and if the post is not your cup of tea, then have some coffee.  To those who are having a great experience, enjoy and keep sharing. Congrats on your new dwelings, and most of all remember: If you are good to it, it will be good to you. Ying and Yang coexist in the same circle. To my brother Julian. I feel you on the Haiti situation, the view from the outside is not the same on the inside, but I have witnessed some instances where Dominicans and Haitians live side by side in peace, as well as the opposite where they have been treated not so well.  The roots of that problem is a combination of many historical and societal factors which are too long to get into at this time, but one can only hope there will be peaceful relations between these neighbors one day :cool:

Ohhh one last thing Tinker, let’s not forget that the expat experience is not the same as the one being experienced by the local Dominicans who are trying to make ends meet on $300 U.S per month or less, so albeit being in the fortunate position of being a bit more comfortable due to our foreign dollars, our lenses will never quite match those of the folks who are not quite as fortunate.  Each person’s reality will be determined by the lenses they are provided to see the world with.  I will say this much about the Dominicans; The vast majority still maintain a positive outlook and are always hopeful that one day, their conditions will improve and no longer feel the need to leave their beautiful island in search for the famous “Sueño Americano”

Julian, I love your post. I too live in SD, but have lived in many other parts of this country. 

I take the good with the bad and the good far far outweighs the bad for me. That is not the same for everyone.

I too love the sense of community and family. I feel very welcomed here. I work here and run businesses here so my experience is very different from others as well!  I have employees and see life through their eyes every single day! It is very different.

I am also single and that is a different experience as well. Oh MY goodness. I have dated and dated seriously.   Imagine being told that if I loved him I would make him a pot of rice.......LOL  That was after working an 11 hour day.  Imagine my response. (ps I don't cook for me I am certainly not cooking rice to prove anything)

"pot stirring"  - stop it Tinker. Leave well enough alone please.

Planner, you know me too well.  I withdraw  with grace. Sometimes however, the wooden spoon elicits great thought provoking responses.  That is my goal.  It is not to create contention, but to extend thought & different views.   I am truly sorry that I farted upwind.  I wonder how a fork would do?  Just joshing, just joshing.

Hahahahahaha - not only can you cut to the quick nicely but you are truly hilarious at times.... thanks. Makes me even more intrigued to meet up.....

He sure has a way with words sometimes!!!!

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Thanks Planner. ......I think......


Tinker. you do have a way with words. I am proud to have you as a true friend!

It goes both ways Tomas, both ways.....

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We are located between Sosua and Cabarete.
As Bob K pointed out, I too second that:
- No snow
- Cheaper cost of living
- Very nice people
- Relaxed lifestyle
- And... taking advantage of the tax treaty between Canada and DR, for a lower tax on our investments.

Another reason to live here......

There are endless reasons for retiring &living here! :)

For me the list is quite long........

Climate, topography, the people, cost of living & the people. ........... what more do you need?

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