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I am planning to move to Bruges around November and wonder if there are any French or English speaking schooling facilities. My daughter will be about two and a half year old. She has now theee active languages and English as a passive and I do not really want to add another language, especially knowing that we will be moving back to a French or English speaking environment after 4-5 years. Thanks,

No none of either language.

I am in the same situation. Coming from France witv 7 & 9 yo children both speaking French & English. I'm sure their is a solution. Let me know if you find it, I will do the same on my side. If you want we can share our mail adress it will be easier. Just let me know.

Thanks! Let's keep each other informed, here is my mail address: ***

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There are no schools in French or English in West flanders or brugge.

Your nearest English school is private 40km away in gent. The nearest French school is 100km away in France or Brussels.


I found the topic now. I would like to ask did you find an english or french speeking kindergarten or basisschool? I have a 4-years-old son and we will spend one year in Brugge-ben. I would like to find a good possibility for my son from September this year. Can you recommend is a good place for children?
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Hi there

did you read the above post about there being no public French schools within 100km of Brugge in Belgium?

All schools in Brugge are in Dutch. It is very easy to research them. … spx?hs=bao

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