Running in Kuwait (Long Distance)

Sounds good. I will be there at 4pm then! How do I get in touch with you once I'm there?

I will send you a message with my whatsapp number, so we can keep in touch easier.

Hello! Is the running group still up to speed? Need to get back in track , just moved to Abu Halifa and trying to find a safe running track or similar. Any suggestions... Thanks

That would be fun to do. I feel like the day time heat is to much .

Runs in late afternoon I think is already tolerable, good sweat for us staying indoor always :) ..

True .
Im about to sign up for the half marathon, are you ?

Which race?  I need to push on that training, stamina and endurance😆......when is it?

Hi am new in Kuwait and live at Abu Halifa block 2.

What is the walking distance to the beach  ?

I am new in town.

Are u guys still running? I would like to join if possible.

Me and pakonas are meeting every Saturday at 8 AM at Boulevard park in Salmiya for a 10k run (or close to it at the moment :)).

You are welcome to join!

Hi Ribosom. Thanks for your reply. I have limited transport at the moment so it may be difficult for me to get there but I will try.

Hi @jas9669,  U can do your runs by Sea side Fintas  if your close by that area- I do mine by Abu Halifa Walking street from block 1 all the way to Mangaf area somewhere close..... its a good long stretch....

hey guys i am ready to join a run in Fintas or Salmiya if we are three and more.

@bettylu and Vartyian. I've veen running up to fintas from Mahboula not too bad but the traffic is a bit of pain. I would like to run around Fintas park if it's big enough. My ultimate problem is that i have limited transport at this time.

Hi Ribosom, Are you guys still running..I would be interested

Yes we are, if you are interested you can join us. We meet Saturdays or Fridays in the morning in Boulevard or Shaheed park. Send me a private message with your contact and location.

Hey, I want to join once I am back from short break..

Everyone is welcome to join!


Hello everyone. I have recently moved to Kuwait and been itching to go for runs, weather permitting. This has been improving lately and I have decided to resume running in Boulevard Park Salmiya. Are there any groups which I can be a part of.

Hey! Yes, a couple of us are meeting on weekend mornings in Boulevard or for a run, you are welcome to join!

Awesome. Thanks for a prompt response.

At what time are you planning to meet up. I can wait at 0.0 km marker on the track.


Send me your number via private message and I will keep you informed. Usually it is between 8 to 9:30 depending on the weather and temperature outside.

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