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I am a Pakistani man, married with a Ukrainian lady who were 1 year child when came in Pakistan along with her Ukrainian mother. She didn’t have own passport while she was one year old so her name was only mentioned in her mother passport when arrived in Pakistan.

Now my wife is about 23 years old and we have a 1 year kid too. Her mother intended to go back to her motherland (Ukraine). Embassy of Ukraine in Pakistan allows her mother along with my wife but restrict to put the name of my 1 year child and argued that the mother of the child were a child herself when came in Pakistan so she wasn’t had own passport where we may mention the name of your children. So you have to leave the child in Pakistan and let the both mother and grandmother to go their homeland although they knew a 1 year of child couldn’t stay in Pakistan without her mother.

We have requested a lot but they don’t give any solution and insist to leave the child alone in Pakistan and let the rest of family go Ukraine to make their documents first although it’s common that an embassy may have the authority to issue and renew passports to the citizen living abroad.

If you people have any suggestion then kindly forward, as we don’t know where to appeal or put our case forward.

Hi Wajoo
Ukraine officially stopped to add anybody to mother or father passports since 2014, you situation is somehow strange but the question is the embassy refused to add the baby to her grandmother passport but did you issue a citizenship certificate from embassy or not for the baby? it means Whats the nationality of your baby ? Ukrainian or Pakistani ?
based on your answer we can discuss the solutions

I thought all children across the world now have to have their own individual passport. No longer can the child be added to either parent passports.

Sorry replying you late, in fact I was awaiting for embassy response. Today we get the embassy response and awfully they not only respond to reject our request but even propose us to go Ukraine on Pakistani passport. It s really strange that a country pushing their citizen to travel else document as my wife and baby has no document, however she may make Pakistani documents on my behalf with my identity. So they could travel Ukraine on Pakistani passport, but the issue arise how they may stay in their motherland for long while they will be on temporary visa.

Now I needed to ask whether it is possible that my wife may get the Ukrainian resident on the behalf of her mother nationality? She has her Ukrainian birth certificate and her name on mother previous passport as a documented evidence for being Ukrainian while the behavior of Ukrainian embassy in Pakistan seems that they don't suppose my wife and baby as Ukrainian and gave a lame excuse to state that they counted as "second and third population" , I never heard such stupid terminologies regarding citizenship. They although culpable my mother in law and wife that you people did not go so long to your homeland so its your fault, even they briefly discussed their circumstances. I do not understand their logic to reject the registration of my wife and child.

Kindly respond and ask others who may give better suggestion.

The bizarre about Ukrainian Embassy in Pakistan can be realized with their own remarks. First they suggest my wife to travel Ukraine on citizenship certification thus she may reach there and make her documents first so she could easily invite her one year child and make her documents too, but now they propose her to get Pakistani passport first and then to travel on visa. I don’t know whether they are really diplomats and professionally know their duties or they are here to rag and bother own citizen while intended to go own country.

Ukrainian rules indicate that the person should apply for the documents confirming his/her citizenship at the age of 16. In case your wife did not do this there is no confirmation that she is a Ukrainian citizen. She may apply for the Ukrainian passport (traveling document) from the Ukrainian embassy bases on her birth certificate.
From the other hand she has Pakistan citizenship (as she stayed for more than 20 years there). So there are 2 options for her: 1. to apply for Ukr passport 2. to travel with Pakistan documents. both options are valid in this case.
In respect of your child. the situation is slightly different as your child should have a separate document for traveling (as he/she is a Pakistan citizen).
As the result each of the traveler should have a separate document.
Hope this is helpful information for you

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no, it's quite clear what he said, his wife was one years old when she and her mother came to Pakistan. His wife basically grew up in Pakistan and has Pakistani passport, she doesnt have Ukrianian passport. Hi wife was 23 at the time he wrote the message and their kid was one.

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