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I remember reading a discussion on this Forum about  where to study French (for an adult). I believe a few people mentioned a program ran by the state that may have been low cost or free. I can't seem to find it. Does anyone have any recommendations? I will be living on the Southeast side of Brussels (Auderghem/Woluwe St. Pierre). TIA.

There is no state run programme.

There are however a large number of adult education establishments.

If you could be more precise about where you live and time of day and if free every day then I could suggest the most appropriate

I personally go to the community here in anhee , twice a week for French lessons ..So i suppose you could check out the communal.  But you may also subscribe to an online state programme  "Wallangues" . Its free.
Hope this is abit helpful.

There are school almost everywhere. You can try to check also the promotion sociale or asbl they might give you list of school near you.

I am free mornings. The areas around Auderghem and Boitsfort would be ideal. Any suggestions would be appreciated for a good school and/or ways to make this more affordable.

Register with actiris then a certain number of hours French lessons are free.

There is a low cost public school in auderghem if you don't want to use actiris route. Google finds it in seconds.

Thanks. I have been looking into Actiris. I'm waiting on my ID to finally be ready! And yes, I've seen several schools online, hoping for some first hand recommendations. I think it is best to wait and see what Actiris can offer. 
It looks like Wallangues is not available for residents in Brussels :/

You re living in Brussels not wallonia and wallangues is for wallonia.

You have far more choices of free language schools in Brussels via actiris. You should have gone already to enquire

I'm not living in Brussels yet. I'm staying with family in Flanders while we wait on a few things. I greatly appreciate your advice and you sharing your knowledge but I do not need a lecture on what I should or shouldn't have done. You do not know my situation.

There a s not need for such thing insolence. I ve made several suggestions you could have googled yourself.

Actiris is also online.

I have googled all of this. I am looking for first hand experience.

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