Advice Please on a location suitable for a home and business

We would be so grateful for any advice good or bad.  We are thinking of moving to
the Dordogne area of France.  We are looking at opening another Fitness club.    Is there a requirement for this and which area should we study first.   We are looking for an area with a big ex pat community.  We would ideally like to renovate a couple of barns to accommodate us and our business.  We are looking at visiting in September and any good agents or advice would be so appreciated.    We would love any and as much advice you can offer.  Thank you.

Hi, the Dordogne area has quite a few British expats, mostly retired and I am not sure they would be interested in a fitness club so you got to really study your target market.

Thank you for your reply.  Any suggestions as to which part of the Dordogne we should head to for a visit.  Our fitness club is slightly different as its for ages 50 plus with additional rehabilitation for less abled clients. 
What Agent would you recommend we contacted. Thank you for your time.

Hi, I don't live in Dordogne but I am guessing, around Sarlat which seems to be favored by Brits. As for your special needs fitness club, be aware that the French Health Plan reimburses a lot of rehab-type services so again I suggest you really study your target market.

"We would ideally like to renovate a couple of barns to accommodate us and our business"

20+ years ago, there were lots of barns to be had for cheap and to renovate. Most of these were purchased by Brits and I am not sure there many or any left.

I live in Belves and would be thrilled (and join) if a gym established itself here or nearby. There is already a gym in Sarlat but it is too far away for me.
As for expats, there is a mixed bag here of Dutch, Brits, Americans and some other nationalities.

Belves is a dynamic village (in the summer at least), there are many properties available and there is an English Dutch German speaking doctor as well.

Contact me if you want more info.

Hi Nikola, thank you so much for your reply.  We are just looking at the area of Belves as suggested.  Thank you for your offer of more information.  It is very kind of you

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