Hello there,

I moved a little bit more than a year to Mauritius and haven't been able to play football in the north as of yet, I did went a couple times to Riverland Tamarin (which is too far given that I live in Grand Bay).
If someone knows where and when to play send me a message.



Are you only looking for a place to play or for a club with their own facilities?

If you are just looking for a place, there are numerous playgrounds and compounds in most of the towns and villages.

Now if you are looking for a private club, that's another story. There are clubs associated with the respective district councils of your area and others which are members of sporting associations.
There is a Riverland in Grand Bay too, therefore I would recommend you inquire with them.

Hey WinstonH,

Thanks for the hint!
I'm actually looking for anything that I'll be able to play regardless of membership or anything like it, I just wanted something that has a time/date and place so I can just show up.

Anyway thanks again!


Hello man ,

So you are staying at Grand Baie, I am in Quatre-Bornes if you were living in the nearby I could have contact you but never mind have you got your own transport because I used to play futsal sometimes maybe I can give you a call.


Hey Girish,

I do have my own transport, I know that at Bagatelle they have a nice 5vs5 field, have you played there already? If so, do you go often? Send me a private message I'll give you my phone and we can schedule something.


Hello Alves,

If possible 1 day i will let you know if ever I am going to play at bagatelle or somewhere.

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