Just a question for moving in Qatar

Kabayan, Sir, Madam,

Just to ask if you have any idea. I am ofw here Riyadh, KSA for almost 3 yrs. My contract will be finish this coming Oct and I already filed my final exit because I have job offer in Qatar. My question is this. It is possible for me to cross country in Qatar from Riyadh when I go exit? Because my employer in Qatar doesn't want me to go home directly in the Philippines. They will just send me a visit visa here in Riyadh so that it will be easy for me to go ASAP (speedy process). They said that it will take long time if I will go back in the Philippines. I have a problem with my agency here in Riyadh, they want me to send back to Philippines and they don't want me to go to any country. Please help. I need your answers if its possible or not?

Maganda Omaga Kabayan ,

The only chance if they book you on a transit flight , then you change your direction.

But , bear in mind that none of the airlines of Saudi , Bahrain , Kuwait or Emirates are flying to Qatar anymore. I think Oman airlines is still flying to Qatar.

My employer in Qatar doesn't have a problem buying me a ticket going there. They want me to loose the ticket which is gonna be book by my agency here in Riyadh.

Fantastic , just loose the employer booking . But , try to find a flight via MUSCAT ( Oman airlines) , because it is the only one going to Qatar.

Thank you sir! Im still worrying if this one will work out or not. I hope everythings gonna be ok... :(

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