Looking for job in KL

Hi Im from Philippines looking for new opportunity here  in KL.
I'm a degree holder with years of experience in handling operations and projects ( IT). I would appreciate any response .


Take a look at the jobs mentioned under Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) They seem to be offering positions that may be in your area, that do not state they are only for Malaysian applicants https://unjobs.org/duty_stations/kul I am not completely sure what kind of work you are looking for but there are a range of vacancies.

thank you so much for the response very much appreciated..

Hi what is your working exp like is that possible to meet up for further discussion


Please send me your CV and expected salary as an admin cum.



I see you are Sudanese so how exactly can you help anyone by having them send you their CV??

I strongly advise members not to send any information to a total stranger. People have been known to use the CV's for their own purposes.

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