Reissue Computerized Child's Birth Certificate in Saudi Arabia

Assalam o alikum,

I am a Pakistani expat living in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. All my kids were born in Saudi Arabia, all having Saudi birth certificate. Recently, I had to correct my and wife's name on our Aqama to match our passport name. However, our old (wrong) names still appear on birth certificates of my children.

Now, as some of you may know, computerized birth certificates are issued by Civil Affairs, where parent names show up from system (not required to type the names manually). I need to re-issue the birth certificates of my children so correct names (my name and my wife's name) appear on my children birth certificates, because while Civil Affairs system will attempt to print birth certificate, it will fetch the correct/new names from the system. Reason I need the names to be corrected on birth certificates because I will be requesting translation of my children birth certificates for immigration purposes.

Is anyone aware how to request new/another computerized birth certificate from Civil Affairs in Saudi Arabia? Is there any appointment type for this matter also? Will they entertain this request in the first place?



Dear, can you please share the details of computerized birth certificate because me also want to get. and also how you changed the name from birth certificate.

Please share me details on ***

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you need to take appointment same as you did for new pay fee for re issue birth certificate for lost or damage and visit civil affairs with your iqama wife iqama passport copies and they will give you form to fill information and come next day to collect..

fee will be paid in cash

I born in Rabeq Saudi Arabia , I lost my Birth certificate and I don't have copy or certificate number or a date of issue . I want to re-issue my birth certificate how can i get a copy .

Birth of day : 18th april 1990

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