Jeddah Knowledge School Teachers September 2017

Hey all,

I've recently accepted an elementary teaching position at Jeddah Knowledge School. I was just wondering if there are any teachers here going to be teaching at JKS this coming September 2017.

I am looking to network with other teachers before I arrive! :)

Introduce yourself! :)

With the way the country is shaping up, I doubt any new teachers will be coming this year.

You can search a lot of JKS threads and approach existing members, or i'm sure since you're a female your inbox may already have flooded by non teaching professionals offering you help  :lol:

I have read through them all. They are outdated. lol

yea but i'm sure some of them are still around...good luck

PS: your double double here won't be as good as what you get there....


I have been offered a job at JKS for a start in September 2017, i have not signed contract yet,
all reviews about school are dated and also negative, not quite sure to accept the role as they are offering two year contract and if you don't fulfull contact for two years you pay all fees and expenses.

still in two minds.



Hi I have recently applied for a job there. Would you be able to provide me with some honest reviews?

JKS : 20 years of failure & faking education
Don’t know where to start...
They have lost, made run or fired some of the most skilled, strongest, Middle east experienced & most efficient teachers in the world.
First, JKS weak management will always give reason to the kids for money & business purposes, always blaming teachers rather than supporting them.
Roughly, a jail where you have to check in & out every day with fingerprints and are being watched in every classroom & corridor, not to talk about the kids’ very disrespectful behaviour, being accepted by the two heads of school who will never support you.
Accepting a job there would be the biggest mistake in your lifetime.
I wish I had been warned before!
Don’t end up fleeing during holidays like 30 others each year in the girls side as well as around 50 more in the boys side.
Management would allow itself firing teachers just because few very agitated students have complained before their parents that teacher is too severe, too strict (as he has not let them play in the classroom). Teachers will then be fired in few days in any unpredicted situation, without even any extra baggage allowance or any mercy.
Much more details to come, if needed.

Wow, you’re scaring me. I’ve been offered a job to start at AGS in August and if that’s how Saudi schools treat you I’m frightened. Not to mention shocked - how can they fire someone who has left their home country and whole life behind? Where are you supposed to go from there?

Unfortunately, I do know at least 5 teachers to whom it happened in that school in various circumstances and some of them being very close friends.

However, only management can decide about that whether you have left your country and everything for this position or experience or not but your residence & work permit are linked to the employer and you then have to leave the country if they decide to fire as your "iqama" right to stay depends on your broken contract.

They would actually not mind as their only interest is to make money by pleasing parents who paid a huge amount for admission and this often happens in rich schools.

Fortunately, not all schools are like that and you'd rather check by yourself as everybody has its own opinion. Mine is based on real facts  and what has been reported for this specific school, which was the worst, I was told. 

Do not hesitate to ask but I may reply in some days.

The reviews don’t seem so bad. And the woman who Skype interviewed me seemed really nice. I dunno, I just hope they don’t treat me badly - I’ve been through that already in a school in the UK. I was hoping moving to an Islamic country you’d be treated with more respect...

Yes. I forgot to mention that the girls side is always much better than the boys side. It actually depends on many things but give it a try and see. As I said, AGS is not JKS.
Everything actually depends on the management team and their willingness to make money or get quality teachers. An advice, be prepared in case you be disappointed in all aspects of working life there as fake and hypocrite persons are everywhere, like good ones, and the school environment is generally not an exception there like anywhere.

Hi are you enjoying school? I got a interview with the, any advice?

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