HELP PLEASE >>>>>>>>>>>

My Fiance lives in Valky and wants to travel to Spain for a holiday with me.

She has been quoted $350 for a passport and travel insurance by a local travel agent where she lives!!!

This cant be right can it??? I looked on the internet and the passport is only $45.

Help please with some advice.


Stay away from the travel agents !! They are there to rip people off !! She should be able to get passport through gov office !! Forget travel insurance!! I never get it !!

She will have to apply at the local Immigration Service office, show her ID, fill the forms, pay about 45 USD in local currency (duty, processing fees) and come back in 24 days to collect your passport. Express issue carries an additional cost.

Nope! like you said 45$, but i would say, she paid that amount to speed up the procedures. maybe..

Sorry - answer come to wrong line...

Good luck!

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