Hi all!
For the first months of our stay in Bahrain, we will stay in short term appartment/hotel .
Can you please give some tips about hotels/residence :
- Offering competitive Monthly rates
- Being located near the Saoudi Bridge but not too far from City/Sea Life ;
- Accepting pets as we will be with one dog & one cat :)

Thanks for your support in advance!

Kind regards


no hotels (at the moment) near the bridge but plenty of apartment buildings. You'll have to sign a year long lease although most will allow you to leave in the middle of that with no penalties. Best to check when you look around with an agent.

Further away you'll find hotels on the highway to Bahrain e.g. in Seef. Really not sure if they'll accept pets with you though. Best to look online and email them about  it.

As suburbansam mentions there are no hotels or short term apartments close to the causeway. When we arrived almost 4 years ago we had our cat with us and wanted a serviced apartment for the first month, until we could find permanent accommodation. My company had a really hard time finding any serviced apartment building that would accept pets, but eventually found one in Adliya that would, unfortunately it was not one of the better residences and was pretty poorly managed, so we were extremely happy to find our permanent accommodation and move on.

With both a dog and a cat I think you will struggle to find short term accommodation, so best of luck.

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