Schools, childare in Watermael-Boitsfort

Hi all,

We are a French family, currently living in London, and we are moving to Brussels at the end of July. We find a school, nursery and house in Watermael-Boitsfort and we would like to hear your experience in this neighborhood and any tips you have.

We had a place at "institut de l'assomption Ste Therese" in M3 for our daughter for September but then we got another one at "les cedres la roseraie" in M3 which is much closer. We have then accepted the place there. But now, I am hearing conflicting information on this school and would like to know if anyone had any feedbacks on the education there, parascolaires activities, etc.

We put our son to the nursery "vive la vie" which seems quite good. It was quite difficult to find a school and we feel like we did not have many choices. So any feedbacks would be great.

Also, would you say that Catholics schools are better than communal ones?

Also, as our kids speak English, we would like to find an English speaker au pair or nanny to pick them up from school / nursery. Any ideas where I could find English speakers?

Thank you so much in advance for your feedbacks.


Assomptiom much better. But how far is Assomption? It would depend your address. Send me your address privately.

I d use gardenie not employ an English speaking babysitter and send kids to activities in English as there are tons of them. How old is younger child in months?

Thank you! Ste Thérèse is at 15mns on foot from our place and la roseraie 3 mins away. We heard good and bad comments on both schools but then decided to put our daughter to la roseraie in the end because of the distance. Maybe we will change when she will be in primary. We heard that La sainte famille is a great school, have you heard anything about this school?

I would not choose la roseraie now. I would choose ste therese and if la sainte famille is closer, I would try immediately for a place for next September , so your children are at a nearer school. At a 12 minute difference it is so worth it to avoid la roseraie and les cedres.  Not known any happy parents there all have eventually moved to la sainte famille and ste therese

There are sports classes in English from 4 years at is down the road and art classes too in English not far from is. There is a bct English mums group in that area which does informal get togethers. No need for an English baby sitter.

Go on Facebook and find the bct groups.

Thank you for the great advice! I will try to see if La Sainte famille still has some places left, but not sure at this time of the year. It is quite close to where we live.

Schools will be closed till mid August. Persistence pays off here.

Les naides and le Colibris and ste therese should all have places last minute but la sainte famille will require constant aaking

Thank you! They don't have any place left unfortunately, but will keep asking. We did refusé the place at Ste Therese where our daughter was originally and placed her in la roseraie as closer to our place and we did hear good feedbacks at first. But now, I feel la Ste famille would be much better as I keep receiving negative feedbacks about la roseraie. Do you know why it is not that great?

Take the ste  therese place back.

I think it is too late unfortunately. Can you tell me why la roseraie is not good?

Mid August to mid September spend the time asking at ste therese la sainte famille les naides and le Colibri for a place ask every day. At least 2 of these schools will have places. Avoid la roseraie. It always h as places.

As I might not have another school than la roseraie, it would be really helpful to have more feedbacks on this school and understand why you keep saying that I should absolutely find another one. What did you hear and why do they have bad reviews?

How about every family I know have been dissatisfied and removed their kids. Not scientific but compared to 100s I ve talked to there certainly seems a problem.

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