Ivf/icsi clinic

Hi guys we are trying to undergo ivf treatment and can u suggest the best center with high success rate and your experience... Your suggestions/opinions are highly appreciated!!TIA!

Dr Bander Al Abdulkarim at Sulaiman al Habeeb hospital, ArRyan Branch, Riyadh.

He is one of the best IVF consultant in KSA. But highly difficult to get an immediate appointment.

Bnoon Center in Riyadh I suggest a great fertility consultant Dr. Mohammed Agdi. He is the best


Dr Wael Contact Details


We have "unexplained infertility". ICSI failed twice. Now Dr Bandar told me to do all the pre-ivf related test and then go for IVF. In Dr Sulaiman Habeeb these tests cost very high. So me and my hubby are doing these tests in Dr Sameer Abbas medical center in riyadh.

You Meet Dr Wael there. He will guide you about all the tests.
You can connect with doctor  Wael  by phone .+966 11 416 0000,  Ext. 248, fathilab2004 at G-Mail dot com.

I will suggest everyone to go for these tests before IVF/ICSI.

Can u share with us the list of test we need to take and prices.. thanks in advance

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