Extension of Multiple Entry Family Visit Visa

Yes, from the first entry counter will start and stop after two years or 730 days

Hello All
Anyone who need Bahrain visit Visa you can DM me. I can provide visa

I am on multiple re entry visa and when I try to extend my visa online through moi it shows "There is no health insurance "
But when I check my insurance on the website cchi it's uploaded on it and is active.
But I don't understand why can't I extend my visa through moi and why it doesn't show my health insurance on it
Please let me know the procedure if anyone of you know it

You need to do insurance for 3 months, every time you want to extend the visa regardless you already have it. This is the rule.

Can you please say me the procedure?

So whichever insurance I have I need to visit its official website and create a new insurance here online? Do you mean to say this?

How can you?

Yes you have to do it online. Compare prices of different companies and do the cheaper one.

I have tawuniya Insurance so can I make insurance through other insurance services also?

Yes you can do any

assalam wa alikum farhan sir ,

i also bring my family for 2 years multiple visa. i want to talk with you if you dont mind you just give me miss call i will call you if you dont mind please . zero,five,seven,one,nine,eight,nine,three,six,two.

thanks. plz help me .

Please let me know here what you want to ask?

Can you elaborate, I have my family 2 years multiple visa from Pakistan by ETIMAD, the 90 days period is near to end but my insurance is still in-active.

1. Why my insurance is in-active? (No date of issue and expiry but only upload date is there)!
2. Do I need to renew the insurance for extension? or it is active for 2 years?
3. How many time the multiple family exit entry visa could be extended?
4. How can I renew it if required in this scenario?
5. If we make an exit -reentry from UAE or Bahrain any impact due insurance active / in-active?

Thanks for your responses.

1) Insurance only covers 90 days on each entry
2) It is active for 90 days on each entry.  If you plan to stay more than 90 days e.g. by extension to 180 days through Absher, you have to renew insurance
3) It is valid for 2 years and you can extend on each entry for 90 days
4) Buy insurance for extra 90 days if you want to extend
5) None

Thanks for early response.

1. How I could be the next 3 months insurance cover? Any suggestion! link or must need to visit some office.


You have to do it online. Almost every insurance company is providing. You can check Alrajhi Takaful website, which I experienced the cheapest one.

Please share me Bahrain visit visa process for 7 days from Riyadh through Saptco bus. Currently I'm holding KSA Work Visit Visa issued in June 2019 and valid until Dec 2019. I acame to Riyadh on 01-July-2019. On my visa page, mode of travel mentioned as 'Open'.


I am on multiple re entry visa and for extending my visa last time I went to Bahrain by road and this time I want to visit Dubai for extending my visa (also eid will be celebrated in Dubai )
So my query is can I visit Dubai too on this visa?
And most importantly I want to know can I visit Dubai by road???
Please answer

I visited Bahrain also by road itself and I am on multiple re entry visa for two years on which open is mentioned.
So can I even travel to Dubai by road?

Anyone who is sure about the answer please reply its urgent

Yes you can BUT you need to get a UAE visa in advance.  You will not get one on arrival.

Thanks bro... I was sure you would reply. Yes I will get the visa before hand itself. But I have heard that they won't allow by road through our own car. We need to go by bus or flight it seems, is it true?
I will be traveling with family in our own car. I hope they will allow. Will they? What do you say?

Also, can anyone suggest which Bahrain visit visa allows through Saptco bus from Riyadh

She16 wrote:

Thanks bro... I was sure you would reply. Yes I will get the visa before hand itself. But I have heard that they won't allow by road through our own car. We need to go by bus or flight it seems, is it true?
I will be traveling with family in our own car. I hope they will allow. Will they? What do you say?

I have done it by car.  The car must be in the name of the person who is in it or the driver must have electronic authorisation.  If it is bought on a bank loan, you need NOC from the bank.

Is there any such thing that on Dubai visa "by road" should me mentioned???
Then only they will allow by road or else not?

Please reply if anyone has any idea.. I have also heard that only locals can travel by road, we can't? Is it true?

When did you visited Dubai last?

Because I came to know that only iqama holders can travel and I am on multiple re entry visa and I don't have iqama, so can I travel by road to Dubai?

You went with bahrain visa or the renewal was possible by making u-turn?

Not possible with u turn.. We need to visit Bahrain

Hello Rashik,

how was you experience. how did you get single entry bahrain visa. Does the visa got renewed automatically once you exit to bahrain and came back or still after exiting u have to go to Absher.

you didnt share your experience.
how did you get the bahrain single entry visa. is it on arrival at cause way or online or through agent?

Dear All,

Please share your travel experience which will help others.

I observed that many people had already traveled to bahrain by taking multiple suggestion from here, but after their successful trip they simply ignoring other request of sharing travel experience, this is not the right way.

when some one helped you, now its your responsibility to help others.

My humble request to all experienced members be active participate of this topic, which will help others.


Dear Mr.Farhan,
              I brought my father & mother in law in one year multilple visa.They came at March 13 and retun to india June 3 due to some emergeny without extending the visa.Still they are in india.Their visa will expire 08/05/.2020.Now what would be the procedure to return back? they can return back with the same visa or not? Please reply ....


Yes, they can come back with same visa, as they came before.

   Thank you for your reply,they didnot extend before leaving so while they enter to saudi arabia it will extend automatically or not? do they need to any other proceddure to follow??


No need to extend. Extension only needed if the visitors are staying in Kingdom for more than 90 days.
Otherwise not needed, even on your Asher account right now you can not see your parents details , it will only appear once they entered to Kingdom back.

Yes i checked in Absher and could n't find the detils.So i had a doubt.Now they stayed in India around 2 and half month,i hope this will not create any issues.Thank you very much for your fast and prompt reply....


No issue

Thank you very much....

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