Extension of Multiple Entry Family Visit Visa

Yeah.  You can extend after 90 days for another 90 days.  Beyond that, you can apply but they almost always reject it.  So after 180 days, you have to exit.

I need some clarification for the two years visit VISA. Can I have your Mobile number?

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My brother family came on two year Vist Visa, Due to some health issue, we have sent them back to India with In 30 days. Now my concern is that when we have to renew the visa and within a how many they can come back. what will be the procedure for renewing the visa?

If visa is still valid(2 years didn't pass from the first entry date) then they can come directly. Just buy ticket.

can I have your mobile number?

Dear i have already replied you about your question. If you have any other question please ask it here. I will try to answer.

what is the duration for the first renewal?

If family is staying here in KSA then you have to renew after 90 days and then after another 90 days must exit and re enter. This is the maximum limit. But if your family exit before 90 days then they can come any time. No need to renew.

I bhai,
Myself Adil in same 2 years visa after 180 days we have exit and re entry right? After re entry is it automatically renew or I have to pay 100 and extend ?

Whenever you will enter into KSA no fee is required, but after staying here for 90 days and want to extend for another 90 days then 100 sar is required.
So after exit and reentry no fee/payment is required.

Ok so after 180 days exit reentry it will renew automatically? If we check through absher will display new expire date ?

Yes automatically.
It will show after the entry.

One more thing dear, to exit reentry need any pay money or direct we can go to immigration with passport

Directly go.
Only extension need payment... nothing else

Thanks dear for your valuable response, really appreciate.

Thank you, brother, for your valuable response.

hello, any one guide me I have my family visit visa written Maftooh can I go Bahrain via causeway please guide me

Yes.  If you have Bahrain visa.

thanks Sir,


Yes you can go to Bahrain, first get Bahrain visa

i have same, any update

hi friend.

i have 365 days visit visa.
1st,2nd,3rd  trip on  90 days was to Dubai
like wise we exit each 90 days like this the last 90 day will finish on 04/05/2019 but still visa is valid up to 30/05/2019 already i have paid 100 SR in Abshir.and Insurance is also valid  for 365 days.

it will be renewed for 1 month


Good morning to every one please help to provide me the travel agent no from DAMAM KHOBAR and Jubail who can provide me visit visa for my family for Bahrain I need exit re-entry for my family Multiple visa  which will expired on first week of June
thanks Regards.

can anyone tell me period to stayout side the kingdom after completing 90 days for 2 year multipple family visi visa. Can we stay more than 3 month after first exit from KSA.

Already answered many times.  You can stay as little or as long as you like.  Just need to exit after 90 days and enter back during visa validity.

Brother thanks for reply, please one time more clear my dout about two concerns.

1. you can extent visa from 90 day to 180 days. as per rule you have to exit after 90 days.
2. visa is for 2 years. as i understand after frst exit from KSA, you can stay longer than 3 months in your home country or other country . You can come on same visa when ever you want during period of 2 years. if am not correct please correct me.

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Either exit or extend for another 90 days so total will be 180 days without exit and then must exit before or on 180days.

Yes for two years you can stay maximum 180 days(after 90 days extend) after that must exit and can come back until visa is valid.

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