Extension of Multiple Entry Family Visit Visa

My wife visa expires in 8th April 2019(6 months), so i am planning to send her march 1 and return before 30th march 19 is it possible.. and visa date will be renewed again for 3 months please give conclusion to this issue.

She can return.  But the visa date i.e. 8th April will not be renewed.  Depending on the days of stay they allow her on her border number, she will have to leave either on the 7th of April or after the days of stay allowed.   After this, you will have to apply for a new visa for her.

Many thanks xtang..


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assalam alikum sir ,

i want to bring my family 2 years multiple visit visa i want to ask you about this can you share your contact number .

No. Ask me here or in pm.

mob number plz

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Read what I wrote.

My mother came in Saudi Arabia on multiple visit visa. The duration of visa is 30 days so can I extend on absher or must leave kSA? Please inform me Thanks

In most cases, yes.

assalam alilkum,
my family came on 2 year multiple entry visa and i renew one time through abshar now i want to know about second time who i renew this visa.they must leave country and come back again but when they should exit befor expiring date of visa our after expairing date of visa .if any one experianced that same please shear your valuable experiance.thanks

Walaikum assalam,

They must exit before the expiry date of visa and then come back.

Dear brothers,
    I want to send my wife on exit re entry to bahrain on air as she is completing 180 days of her 365 days visit visa.
1. Does she need any visa to go to bahrain and come back through airport
2. Can she come back on the same day in the return flight back to saudi
3.Can I accompany her with exit re entry paper only.

Pls help me in this ....

1) Yes and No.  Not needed if you will remain in transit but the airline may not let you board without one
2) Yes
3) Yes. Exit re-entry, Iqama and Passport

Thanks for your reply sir, I am not clear about the first point . Could you please clarify me once again.


The airline may not let you board unless you show a visa for Bahrain.  You can explain to them that you won't be entering Bahrain and will just return through transit - only purpose of flight is to reset days of stay on visit visa.  This should work but be aware of the risk i.e. they may not let you board.

Thank you very much your prompt reply sir..

What if go by road from Dammam
And explained to Saudi immegration that family on visit visa requir exit on passport and we will not enter Bahrain on u turn come back to Saudi
Are Saudi immigration making exit for visit visa person on king Fahd causeway ? Really need your support on it highly apporeacite

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