Extension of Multiple Entry Family Visit Visa

hi brother how are you . can you plz share me ur contact . i have same problem with one year visa
. i need your help .

No i cudnt got my wife visa extended as it was clearly mentioned in her passport that 180 DAYS.. so Aftr 180 days must exit to India itself.. I got this information from Passport office dammam.

i have the same situation brother please help me or contact me i want to renew 2 year multiple visa after 180 days please please.

any update your already renew visa or send home country please contact me i have same situation.

Hi can anyone tell me is it really necessary to go outside of Saudi through flight after 6 months?
can i go to Bahrain through causeway? you can whats app on (zero five five nine one six eight nine eight four)

Many people mentioned that they are not allowing from the cause way so you have to take exit through flight.

i have the Bahrain e-visa  still they will now allow?


If there is mentioned on eVisa that you can use causeway to enter the Bahrain then you can else eVisa can be used when you are coming through flight. But take someone else opinion as well and update me if I am wrong.

Dear Mr. Imran I want extend my family visit visa.

Can you please verify the Authenticity / Source of this


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My wife was having one-year multiple visit visa in Saudi Arabi, it was extended for 90 after the completion of the first 90 days, so total 180 days completed and she went to India,  is she can come back in same visa, please reply



Yes she can come on same visa.

thank you very much, please note that the duration of 180 days finished, visa is valid for 6 more months but the renew period is completed once she stayed here for 180 days. that was my concern

I didn't get your concern. She came here on 1 years visit visa. After 90 days you renewed his visa for another 90 days. After that she left to india and now she want to come back? If this is the story then she can come back.

yes, you are right brother, I was having information that she should go and come back before the expiry date of visa renewal that is within 180 days from first entry. now I think she can come any time in the visa period.

Yes she can come, which expiry period?

dear brother, 90 days after the renew date is the expiry period.

Assalamu alaikum bhai.

My family is on visit visa 2 years multiple. Extended to 180 days by paying 100 SR on Absher.

I am planning to send them back to the home country before 180 days, example 17 Feb is the last date of visa and they travel on 15th Feb. In how many days maximum they should come back?

Please help asap

once you family visit visa holder finished his/her first 90days period you will get sms befor i week expiry date of vivit visa from absher renew visit visa from online absher account in 7 days.once you go throw the online proses visa will extend for 90days more.

Salam to evry one..
if i have to renew my family multipal visit visa thrw exit and re-entry in saudi arabia and if i chose bahrain chuseway to do this can i need myself visa also befor i leave or i can get my visa on arrival?please if anyone have know more about this leave your valuable information.thanks GOD Bless you.

Walaikum assalam
No your family cannot go to Bahrain through causeway to renew the expiry. Please search in the fourm, you will find many people's experience on this.

mmeL52 wrote:

Hello Everyone! I just came back from saudi/bahrain causeway with my mother in law because her visa will expire on april 15, 2018. She has one year multiple entry visa and like others, she needs to exit saudi arabia after 6 months. We were able to successfully extended her visa by exit/ re entry on the causeway by another 3 months. We did not encounter any problem at all. As soon as I arrived on window for the passport, i told them that my mother in law has a multiple entry visa in saudi arabia and we just need to get an exit re entry because she already stayed here for almost 6 months and I also said that I do not need to go to Bahrain too. He just casually told me its ok and told me to take a u turn on the on the left before the bahrain custom.( so be sure to go to the leftmost lane so that you can easily get a u turn otherwise it will hard to go that u turn)
Just make sure that you have an exit re entry visa yourself if you are the one going with your mother or mother in law or family members. Always be humble and ask politely. Hopefuly you guys who are having the same situation will get the same result as I do👍

Dear Bro Thanks for searing your detail experiance its help us a lot.you mentioned abow that i need exit re entery visa for myself where from i get that visa will you please informe me so we will not face trubble when we go on chuseway.kindly reply on it .thanks...

For Iqama holders, exit re-entry visa has to be applied for by your employer or sponsor in the system.

Also, this may or may not work.  This was working till April-May 2018 and then after that they cracked down and refused to let people exit without a Bahrain visa.  It is entirely at the discretion of the immigration officer at the counter and don't even bother to try unless you can speak some Arabic to be able to request and explain your needs to him.

Hi Guys ,
I have applied 2 years Multiple Visit Visa for my wife in india.
Can you guide me about..
1. Is it necessary to go out of kingdom and re-enter ? What is the maximum duration of stay 3 month or 6 month?
2. If yes, whats the procedure? How much will be the fee ?
3. Renewal procedure after 2 years ?

There are literally 3-4 posts about these questions EVERY single day.  I would advise you to use the search button and go through these thread vs. repeating the same questions again and again.

As an example, this is today's discussion from another thread:

https://www.expat.com/forum/viewtopic.p … 61#4478618

To keep it simple for you:

1) Yes, she has to exit after the days of stay as listed on the visa.  It could be 90 or 180 depending on the visa that is given to her.  So wait and see
2) If 90 days, then can be extended to 180 days on Absher by paying SAR 100.  No extension beyond 180 days
3) No renewal.  Visa expires.  You have to apply for a new one, submit the documents and pay the fees

Thanks brother. one more question.
is she require any kind of exit-rentry paper or something? Or she can directly go to airport with passport to validate her multiple visit visa?

No paper needed.

Dear brother,
I heard that it was available before this multiple re-entry visit.
could you pls tell us when your friend used this way to exit without entering bahrain?

when this happened

That "paper" used to be multiple exit re-entry visa for IQAMA holders NOT visit visa holders.  And even that paper has been discontinued as everything is now electronic.  Visit visa holders do not need any re-entry paper.

Saudi immigration is not allowing most people to do exit from causeway without Bahrain visa.  Only a very few have reported any success.  It is all up to the discretion of the officer at the counter and how you talk to him.

so after 6 months thats 180 days we have to leave ksa.. so my question is how many days we can stay in our home country in re entry in order to come back ksa ?

please tell for how many days can stay in india in this multiple re entry visa..

Shoudl return back to ksa before 3 months

You can stay as long as you want. No issue. Just travel back during visa validity.

i have my own experience, visit visa holder must travel by flight even bahrain, by road it will not accepted

its my personal experience you can't do that, the visit visa holder must travel by air flight

pay 100 on border number of the visit visa holder passport, and extend for next 3 months, but must fly after 180 days

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The poster asked a different question.

You can travel via road IF your Saudi visa says "OPEN" in mode of travel.  And you have a Bahrain visa which allows for travel via road.  I did this every week for two years so not an issue.

Secondly, the question was how long can a visit visa holder stay outside Saudi.  There is NO restriction.  For example, my first 2 year visa for Saudi, I went for 2 days and then didn't need to go for 6 months but the visa was valid for 2 years.  I entered again after 6 months without any issue.

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