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Hii! I'm from Malaysia and I would move to Europe soon.
I want to know the best and cheapest university for students outside the EU? Thanks!

When it comes to education, the best and the cheapest seldom are one.  Like many things in the world, you get what you pay for ;)

yea true lol
But I'm on a really tight budget🙁 as in um  say around 5-8k euros per year for tuition and also,I want to do law but I don't think there are law courses taught completely in English?
I tried holland but a few told me Belgium is much better with fee and security ,don't know how far it's true? 😅

Belgium better for safety than Netherlands (Holland is a region of Netherlands) ??? LOL Netherlands is a country very safe!!! Not Belgium. Actually, it depends where. If you stay in "Flemish area" (Ghent, Antwerp, Brugge), yes, but if you go in Brussel...

And if you want a full-English taught program in law, you will find also in Netherlands and you will have probably more choice of universities.

But, honestly, not sure than 8k is enough, in any European University...

YES hahaha I know well, I'm just comparing what people said abound the 2 different countries! Lol
Um,in holland the fee is around around 8,200euros At the university of Groningen. Ive applied and am about to get admission since I have to pay the fee already but I thought of going to Belgium when someone well a few tho lol told me it's wayyyy cheaper so I had to check things up really fast 😅
Didn't know it's was not that safe ,I thought it was settled after the last bomb attack..looks like it,it can happen anywhere anytime 🙁Lol
..and,when I checked KU Leuven, it's stated over their website that  it's around 3-4K euros for a bachelor's in business.
I've contacted them but no reply yet,cause it's summer I guess but anyway yes the Flemish area is much safer just read about it.
Also,talking about 8k isn't sufficient for universities at European counties, Spain is really really cheap tho lol and germany as well (if you've passed their german language requirement test)
So the best choice now, is to study is in the Netherlands  if compared to Belgium?

3-4k seems a lot for a bachelor in business.
I studied for 8 years in Leuven, and still live closeby. What master do u exactly want to do? Forthcoming year?

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