Received an offer from Kuwait, need advice.

I have read alot of forums, however, everyone's situation is unique, so have to ask.

I have received an offer for 3,200 KWD/month.  It is 2,300 KWD base with housing, transportation and other allowances at 900 KWD. There are no travel tickets, educational allowance or insurance for private hospitals included.  I believe the offer is cash in hand and not Cost To Company (CTC), but will confirm.

I would be relocating with my wife and three kids (9, 3, 1 yrs. old).  I would like to save atleast 1,700 KWD (more the better).

I would appreciate your thoughts and advice.  I am looking at the Canadian Bilingual school website for my children, (it is in South Khaitan), is South Khaitan a good area to live in?  What area would you recommend I live in (I am Canadian - dont think this matters)?  Can I meet my goals?  Would you take the offer if your u were in my place?

Hi there

wouldn't recommend South khitan for living the reason is it's full of bachelors and always traffic
,if you planing to come and live in Kuwait you may try SALMYA where you will see international workers there and shopping malls , Rent in salmya depends on how big the apartments are and the location of the building I guess with 400 KD you will get nice place to stay
also you can stay within area where the local Kuwaiti are rent not more than 350 but its Away from city,
If you need help pls feel free to ask

Hi Hakeem,

Thank you for your reply.  Any links you can direct me to find initial temporary accommodation in the Safat area (flatshare)?

Thank you.

Kethan block 04  around street 99 is a good area to live and close to the Canadian school too

Check school fees on their website and cost of private medical insurance (a must have in Kuwait). Even if office provides education and private health insurance, these are mostly limited to upto two kids and one wife :)
Remember first 100 days in your job are sensitive. One day notice can be given as per local law by employer and/or employee. This is irrespective of what they write in contract. Understand Kuwait government law for HR.

There are lots of places where you can rent a fully furnished apartment for first few months. Once school admissions are settled, look at the distance and traffic between planned house location, school and your office. In Kuwait sometimes even 3-5 miles may take 30 mins or more by car during peak hours.

I would personally say that's a very good amount to start with.

I will suggest few things as per your queries and discussions:

1. The first thing is do not move your family until you get a conformation from your company which would roughly take 3-4 months.

2. As they are not giving education fees benefits it's little challenging. You can still manage with the given in hand salary.

3. On saving front I would suggest to open a salary account in a bank or start having some mutual funds and equities.

4. Yes South Khaitan is good area. Find more about other locations.

5. I would compare my current benefits and family before moving as it is easy for you alone to move but for kids and woman they have complete different challenges.

Anyway Congratulations

If you will be schooling, let us do your assignments at some small fee.

That's a great offer. I'm Canadian and my husband works in Kuwait and salmiya is a great are to live.

Can I ask what area of work do you do?

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