looking for a korean friend

i love korea and i want to make a relation with korean friends tomlearn more about this country please help mee

I bet you must be an Army 😂😂😂😂😂 well its difficult to find in here. Try fb

You re right 😂😂

Hahahahahahahahhaahhahahaha knew it... well we can be friend even tho am not Korean... am from MAURITIUS (check on google) am now living in Casa..... Am an Army toooooooooo😍😍😍

Greatt😀😀 i m like korean hahah everyone calls me korean girl in my shool 😂😂 nice too meet you i m ahlam from tanger 18 years old 😙😙 it my pleasure to be your friend😀

Am Shareena 25 years old... when i started being Kpop fan  i tried to find korean friends too😂😂 i would like to see u if they call u korean girl😉 send ur fb name on private msg if u want not in here...

I don't have  a fb but i habe insta kim boumi ahlam😁

Hi, I am Candy from Korea. Nice to meet yoy girls!

Wooowwwwww great welcome

Hi girlsss
I'm Imane from casablanca and I would like to meet some friends here in casablanca from different cultures :D

Hi I am also looking the same.

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