Canadian, stay less than 6 months in the DR, insurance necessary

We are Canadians, who currently visit the Dominican for less than 6 months in a year. Sosua and Cabarete areas. The importance of the "less than 6 months" is that we are still covered by our provincial medical plan in Canada while in the DR. Until now we have paid for DR insurance, used to be very low cost, now it is becoming quite expensive.

Concerns then become:

- if we need medical care while in the DR can we get the care and pay for it with a credit card?

- costs for care in the DR generally very low, may or may not be worth trying to get reimbursement from our provincial medical plan.

Looking for comments if possible from Canadians who go the "no-insurance route" and advice on any pros and cons.

When you say it got expensive what  are you paying?  What is expensive to you?

Can you pay with a credit card -  maybe.  Most dont take it in emergency situations.  Some do.

Some things are very inexpensive and frankly that is not why you pay for insurance. You pay for it in case something major happens.

I have a group play with Humano and my reasonable plan  is US 37 a month per person and includes  dental and prescription coverage of  5,000RD

Hi there fellow Canuck,  Yes you need health insurance, not sure what apart of Canada you are from but your Canadian Government Health insurance isn't going to cover you in any serious situations here.  If you have an additional private insurance that covers you for out of the country expenses then that is different.  You can get coverage here.  As planner suggests Humano, another alternative is Universal which is what I have.  The prices with Universal are a little lower, coverage's are about the same.  Both are good companies. For a normal plan you can expect to have 80-100% coverage (your choice and $$$ for more) and it will most likely include Health, dental and some medications.  Probably more than what you will need and worth the dollars even with your Canadian plan.  If you are coming to the Punta Cana area I can point you in the right direction. 

Here is the thing, if you don't have insurance with Universal or Humano etc. and you have a need to go to the hospital for a routine consultation with a doctor, expect to pay $3-400 USD compared to $10 with Dominican insurance...

We're here to help, any questions...


Dominicanadamike good post.
Yes if you are here and not covered by a travel insurance it pays to get local insurance.  I have Universal and have used it on occasion with good results. If  you do not have local insurance the hospitals and doctors will look at you as a bottomless money pit and you will pay MUCH more than with insurance or less than if you were a local Dominican.
Bob K

Nobody mentions 'age' re these private plan costs.  It must depend a lot on that, right?

You must register and keep the insurance in force before age 65.  After that your options are severly limited.

Price is not  based on age..... or sex.

Hi Planner, saw your requirements for health insurance. Was looking at the Universal website, so much to choose from! Do you know anyone who could decode it for me. Am arriving in less than a month.

So do you mean that a say, 70 year old guy, can get that coverage for $35/month?  Can anybody verify that?

Ok 70 year old cannot qualify. A 64 1/2 year old who is healthy can.

I offer a group plan via Humano. Nothing wrong with Universal i just get better pricing and service with Humano.

Private message me if you want info.

We have universal and are happy with it.  You will do fine with either Humano or Universal

Bob K

Mountainmama, keep it simple, go for an 80% plan or a 100% plan.  I think it's about double the price for the 100% plan.  All the other stuff falls within those limits...

If you live here full time, then many things that might not be covered can be obtained quite cheaply here once you learn the ropes.  That includes medication, dental and yes, even some surgery or treatments.

Over age 65, the only way to get health insurance is to work for a company that has a medical plan or have your spouse work for a company that has a medical plan that covers spouses.  If you are covered before age 65 then the insurance company will continue to cover you providing you are purchasing annual plans vs. 3 or 6 month plans.  That is my experience and understanding...

Good info but not completely accurate. After age 65 you do not have to have to pay annually. That is incorrect honey.

Completely agree 100% coverage is not worth the double premium!

Sorry if I was unclear.  After age 65 your payment plan will be whatever you negotiate with your insurance company but I have been told by several people that if you do not have a yearly plan at the time you turn 65, many companies will deny you continued insurance.  You are the specialist Planner, please confirm.

In my plan we pay monthly regardless of age!

So, in other words, I am 64 paying month to month and on the month I turn 65, there will be no change and no cancellation of insurance?

Correct Mike!!!!

Understand i speak for my group with Humano. I do not speak for private plans or any other company!

As far as I know the group plan with Universal operates the same. Bob should be able to tell us that.

Same for our plan at Universal. When I turned 65 nothing changed and now at 67  I am still paying monthly

Bob K

Again these are group plans, better prices and sometimes more benefits!  It pays to ask us about plans!  DO it before you are  65 please!

Hey DominicanadaMike,

Interesting tips! I've recently relocated to the Punta Cana Bavaro area with my 3-year-old son and girlfriend. Although, I have yet to roam around the country. I've been considering on getting some kind of insurance to cover us but don't have the funds at the moment. Right now, I'm currently looking for work at the many hotel resorts in the Punta Cana area. Are they any inexpensive clinic or independent labs that will provide services? Thanks in advance!

Yes,  there are many.   If you are in the Punta Cana area now, there area couple of clinics in Veron that provide private health care for a reasonable price.  Feel free to PM me and let me know your approx. location.

Being as I am turning 67 at the end of Jan, I will be in touch once I confirm my plans...great info. Thanks all.....

When you are ready for insurance let me know!

Hi everyone, we are in the process of retiring to the Sosua area but we are both over 65 and are just looking into insurance.  Any ideas  for us to look into? So happy Irma was no worse for you.  Thank you for any help and your forums. See you soon.

I am putting together a group plan for those over 65. I will private message you!

I was under the understanding that once you turned 65 you weren't able to get health insurance in the DR. Has this changed?

There is a group policy I am putting together now,  if you want to be part of it then let me know!  I am getting all the details on the coverage available and pricing!  I will send you a private message too honey.

I am hoping to get back to DR for winters starting in Dec 2019 for 3 months.. Will be staying with friends so will help with cost of accomadations.. As I am in early 60s and have developed some health issues since my last trip in 2012 to DR. I am wondering do I need travel. Insurance as well as health care plan from Dr and how much will that cost for the 3 months.. I want coverage for pre existing conditions as well as any other issues that may come up and prescriptions.. I'm not concerned with dental or eye care unless it's part of the package than yes.
Can someone pls advise me of best company to go with and prices.. Thankyou so much wish I was coming now but have to be patient till next Dec.

No company will cover your pre existing conditions. 

Under age 65 you can get decent coverage.  Unless you pay for every month annually you will have to requalify every year. At 65 it's hard to get and what's available is expensive and offers limited coverage.

planner :

You must register and keep the insurance in force before age 65.  After that your options are severly limited.

Price is not  based on age..... or sex.

Preexisting conditions?  Not accepted or just priced higher?


Please send me the group medical info.  Gary

Exclusions will depend what they are.  I've not seen extra premiums just exclusions.

I will message you regarding the info you need Gary

Hi could you pls message me a quote with everything that's covered for monthly health insurance cost pls..

Can I get some information on the  medical insurance for my Dominican husband and my self .we are in our 40's. Thanks

I will message you honey.

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