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I am an American currently living in Siem Reap. I plan on visiting Nha Trang in September to see if I like it for my next destination. Doing research it seems like the center of the city is the tourist area. Is this correct? Is north or south of city center better? Looking at the housing section here it seems that most of the apartments listed are in the south. I would like somewhere within walking distance to a beach, close to restaurants (I don't cook), and shopping. Please let me know of any recommended areas/neighborhoods. Thank you

I'm brand new in Nha Trang myself so take my input with a huge grain of salt. Nonetheless, it appears that the only area of town that has the beach, restaurants, and shopping all within easy walking distance is the tourist district. Second to that would be the north area. I personally would prefer the latter to the former but it depends on your tolerance of crowds.

Can anyone on expat forum please give me/us their feedback on what it's like to live in the CT 1 (etc) area near Big C? Thank you! Jane

I am living in Nha Trang so I know Nha Trang is the good place to live. There are many toursist in Nha Trang now but most of them live in the city. If you want to live in Nha trang you should rent apartment in An Vien area which is the South of city and not noisy, crazy like in the city. There are many villa for renting in there and you can rent a room in this one. I think the price is not expensive because I saw foreigners rent to live there. The enviroment is good and have also beach in there. There are many local seafoods, foods restaurant in this area and the price is good so I think you feel comfortable to live. It is on Tran phu street which is main street in Nha trang so easy for you to ride motobike to go shopping.

An Vien.......??   Yeah it is quiet compared to other areas , but that's because it's a crap area.   The beach there stinks of fishing boats, and the oil terminal ain't the prettiest thing around either.

The CT1 area near Big C is called, Vinh dem troung's about 4klm west of the beach, it's a lot hotter, no sea breeze, shittiest busiest road in town to get to , dusty, AND not much cheaper than areas near the beach.    You won't be going for late evening or early morning walks around the streets there, it's daggy.    I know a few people that live out there , they save a few pennies , BUT the road access and shitty location are not worth it.

in a few months there will be a 1600  new apartments opening on the northern beach side.  They're completing them now, due to open in late September.....and several more complexes under construction.    There are currently about 12,000 apartments/condo being built on the north side of town alone near the beach,,with more in the town centre.  It's crazy, but it will be good for people looking to lease.

This made me laugh, Yogi. Thx for the informed input. Jane

I agree with Yogi about the Big C area, also I would avoid being located south of the old Nha Trang airport as again a busy road trip into town...In town is best or north of the river if you like things a bit quieter. Probably cheaper over there as well and an easier ride into town with nice views.

the city centre is a must if you visit the beach a lot but the down side is it can be very noisy at night with music playing...

Good information, as I had been looking at An Vien area as we want to rent a villa near or on the water (not apt or condo), but the water views online did seem pretty industrial so helpful to hear it's not really a great area. Any suggestions then for waterfront expat neighborhoods/villages outside of the city area where we could have a little nature and quiet ... don't mind a long drive to get to the city .. would actually prefer a closer local village to accommodate our daily needs ?? Appreciate any suggestions!!!

Near cho dam where we are is for me the best place to be
Lots of food near the beach walk 5 min

Thank you ...  Will definitely look into that area while we're  in Nha Trang for 2 weeks early March looking for several month rental.  Will also be traveling to check out Hoi An during our second week ... anyone have comments on the housing/ expat community there? Any thoughts much appreciated!

Woodenjake :

Thank you ...  Will definitely look into that area while we're  in Nha Trang for 2 weeks early March looking for several month rental.  Will also be traveling to check out Hoi An during our second week ... anyone have comments on the housing/ expat community there? Any thoughts much appreciated!

Hi everyone, Woodenjake, have you found a good place either in Nha Trang or Hoi An? It seems we have those 2 destinations in common but we'd prefer Nha Trang because of the weather ... We plan to move there in September

Hi ... we liked weather and water in Nha Trang but had been hoping to find beachfront neighborhoods nearby with a lot more natural space but it is too crowded and not liking even the "best" upper neighborhoods. Very small English-speaking ex-pat community (very nice people, but they, too, bemoan the overcrowding and changes that have occurred ) .. most foreigners there are Russian and Chinese.  Just didnt feel like home to us. Made a snap decision and went south instead .. got a beautiful apartment in Phu My Hung district 7 of Ho Chi Minh City for a year that we can use as a home base while we continue to travel around looking for a nature spot ... lots of very friendly expats and locals who also speak English, tons of restaurants and bars, malls, green spaces, movie theaters -( saw Avengers and DeadPool 2 before they even were released in the States), great transportation system too  .. we are not city people but it is nice to enjoy modern life again at least for a little while after living in Belize for 6 years :)   .... but looking to go back to nature soon :)  Have not visited Hoi An yet, but will even though local friends and expats say so touristy.

Thank you for your kind reply Woodenjake, what a shame you didn't find Nha Trang more convenient and ended up in HCM; We live in D2 now but even if Phu My Hung is greener, more relaxing and tranquil than elsewhere in HCM, it remains a big city with a high level of pollution that is why we want to move by the sea ...
I agree, there are lots of russian and chinese in NT now but i'm sure we can find a good place if we move away from the center and the crowd of tourists, good luck afterwards, J.

Thanks for your posts....keep shopping and let us know when you find the “sweet spot”.  YOGI


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