Moving to Japan

Hello All,

I have relatives in Japan that want me to send them some stuff from the US. Does anyone know a good freight forwarding company that can help me with this? Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hey men! Last month, my friend just got a Toyota Prius 2011 for sale from a Japan Company (the link is here … e-year2011)
The matter is, they got the shipment and deal to be able to transfer car to different cities like US, UK... So I think you can ask them for help.

I sometimes send clothes/kitchen stuff that I bought in the US to my family in South Korea. For me the fast shipment service is too expensive, so I usually contact Korean community to see if someone flies back there and have them carry for me. I pay the fee which is much cheaper this way, and there are always people flying back and forth. You can check with the Japanese community then.

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